Board Meeting Last Night

Last night, the Eustace ISD Board of Trustees met in regular session. The meeting started at 7:00 PM and was held in the High School library. After the call to order, the Board honored several High School accomplishments. First, the Board recognized the students involved in UIL Academic District Championship at the High School. Stan Sowers, High School principal, and Vikki GoDair, High School UIL director, spoke about the students’ accomplishments. Several High School UIL coaches were also introduced. A School Board Proclamation was given to Mr. Sowers and he was presented with the UIL Academic District Championship trophy.

Next, the Board recognized the success of the one act play. This year’s play advanced from zone competition and was selected as the district alternate advancing play at the district competition. One act play directors Tammy Beaty and Calvin Kennedy were also introduced and spoke about the play. The Board presented the one act play cast and crew with a proclamation.

Finally, the Board recognized the accomplishments of the cast and crew of the short narrative film, Beyond Words. This film was directed, written, and produced by Eustace High School student, Nicholas Caldwell. It has been selected as a state finalist in the first ever UIL Young Film Makers Festival. It will be shown today, along with all of the other final films, and the top three films will be announced. Delaney Worth, Tammy Beaty, and Calvin Kennedy were also recognized for their work as the film’s cast. The cast and crew of the film received a proclamation from the Board.

The Board took the following actions at last night’s meeting:

  • Approved the minutes of previous meetings
  • Approved the financial reports as presented
  • Certified the superintendent as representative to the Regional Advisory Committee for ESC 7
  • Rejected all bids on a property in Cherokee Shores
  • Approved the changes to the graduation requirements as presented
  • Approved changes to policy EIF(Local) as presented
  • Accepted resignations from Lauri Watkins, Primary aide, Taressa Charlton, High School aide, Dottie Hawthorne, Middle School teacher and coach, and Doug Holloway, High School teacher and coach.
  • Approved the employment of the following personnel: Deanna Haynes as assistant principal at the Primary, Lloyd Mahaffey as head girls basketball coach and teacher at the High School, Pat Frazier as High School English teacher, Florence Ferrell as inclusion teacher at the Primary and Intermediate, Jessica Sanchez as custodian at the Middle School, and Christopher Nieves as maintenance worker.
  • Approved the additions to the substitute list as presented
  • Approved the student transfers as presented
  • Approved extending the employment of the Auxiliary Directors, Professional Employees, and Paraprofessional Employees as discussed.
  • Adjourned

Board Meeting Tonight

Tonight, the Eustace ISD Board of Trustees will hold their regular monthly meeting. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM and will be held in the High School library. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

The Board will recognize the following student groups at tonight’s meeting:

  • High School UIL Academic Participants and Regional Qualifiers
  • High School One Act Play Cast and Crew
  • High School Young Film Makers Festival Cast and Crew

The Board will hear the following reports:

  • RevTrak Report
  • Henderson County Appraisal District Audit
  • Property Value Comparison
  • Enrollment Report

The Board will consider action on the following items:

  • Minutes of previous board meetings
  • Financial Reports for March
  • Certifying Superintendent as Representative to Regional Advisory Committee for ESC 7
  • Bids for Property – Lot 201, Section D, Cherokee Shores
  • Advocacy Resolutions
  • Changes in Graduation Requirements Due to HB 5
  • Changes to Local Policy EIF
  • Policy Update 99 (First Reading)

The Board will enter closed session to discuss personnel and staffing, evaluations of personnel, and student transfers. Any action taken by the Board on closed session items will be done in open session.




Henderson County Livestock Show Results

This past week, students from throughout the county competed at the Henderson County Livestock Show. Students from Eustace had a great week bringing home many honors. Congratulations to all the students and to our ag teachers and FFA sponsors, Theresa Tindel and Greg Pruitt. Below are the entire Eustace results from the stock show:

Grand Champion Steer- Jordyn Costlow 8,500.00

Reserve Grand Champion Steer- Chad Tindel  5,500.00

Senior Showmanship Champion- Chad Tindel

Reserve Senior Showmanship- Jordyn Costlow

Brooke Reynolds 3rd place steer- 3,400.00

Lane Smith 7th place steer- 3,150.00

Kade Graham 9th place steer- 3,400.00

Grand Champion Brahman Heifer Chad Tindel

Reserve Grand Champion AOB Heifer- Samantha Crocker

Jordyn Costlow- two 1st place heifers

Lane Smith – 2nd place heifer

Breanna Fuller- 2nd place heifer

Eustace FFA Chapter Herdsman Award Winners 100.00

 Ryan Caldwell- 7th place market hog 1,500.00

 Grand Champion Market Goat Chad Tindel, Class Champion,  Senior Showmanship Champion 3,100.00

Gabe Purselley- Class Champion 1,000.00

Whitney Boerner- Class champion, 4th senior showmanship 1,000.00

Kade Graham- 2nd place, 3rd senior showmanship

Santos Umana- 2nd place- 1,000.00

Skye Burns- 3rd place- 1,000.00

Casie Spivey 3rd place- 500.00

Ethan Hoops 7th place , 5th senior showmanship

Allison McCalister- 8th place

Amanda Rhodes 4th place breeding goat show

 Kade Graham 3rd place market lamb 800.00

Chloe Moore- 6th place

Allison McCalister 8th place

Lane Smith- 7th place

 Grand Champion Game Bird Santos Umana

Champion Large Fowl- Chad Tindel

Helen Bobbitt- 2nd & 4th place

Gabe Purselley- 3rd place

Libby Calvin- 4th place

Lane Smith and Keylan Warren participation

 Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Rabbit / Champion Rex Breed  Casie Spivey

Tyler Cotton 7th place

Caleb Clark 1st place

Libby Calvin 5th place

Calie Spivey 5th place

 Project Show

Best of Show Lane Smith

Best of Show Sunni Goodell

Blue Ribbon Winners: Jessica Miller, Thomas Hyde, Ashley Goodson

 Kade Graham recipient of the Jerrod Rachel Scholarship in the amt of 1,000.00

Elsie Rossen Award winner for  HCLS Champion Showman- Chad Tindel

 Jr. FFA Members:

Maggie Groom- 10thplace market goat

Emma Bell 3rd place Commercial heifers- 3,000.00

Jacob Lobelle- 4th place fryers- 475.00

 The students earned a total of 38,150.00 for their efforts throughout the year. It was a great show for the kids, parents , and the community.


Jazz Up STAAR Review with Technology!

via Technology Tidbits by Twyla Felty

For the most part, technology is used in classrooms for the technology “R’s”: remediation, rehearsal, research, rating, and recreation. These activities are often called skills practice, assessment, and free time, and they fill many educators with a warm, fuzzy “high-tech” feeling. Yet, the closer we get to STAAR testing, even these efforts at technology use in the classroom cease as all eyes and efforts focus on the April testing schedule.
But wait….aren’t we missing another “R”? Review !

Yes! Let’s use technology for review!
After all, it is really the same as “rehearing” or skill practice anyway, but for some reason, there is a default back to paper and fill-in-the-dots when we use the word “review” during the months of March and April.

Several weeks ago, I had blogged about using QR codes to spice up review activities, but there are so many great tools for use in the classroom that could jazz up any review. Here are two easy ones to use!

 Socrative is a student response system that can be played on any device and requires no student accounts to use. It is a great review tool and enables teachers to make review questions more engaging for students. I blogged about Socrative in 2012 when it was still in “alpha mode”. They have made many improvements since then, and the only
issue I have ever had with Socrative is a slow loading time when our                                                             wifi was really busy.

Kahoot! is a newer student response system which offers the same opportunity to shake up your review time. Although similar to Socractive, Kahoot! only has colored boxes to choose from on the student screens. That means students must look up at the teacher’s screen to choose an answer. This really does increase the interaction in the classroom! Richard Byrne has a great post about Kahoot! on his blog, Free Technology for Teachers.

Keep up the hard work all you test-weary teachers! “Review” time may be critical, but we still need to engage students as much as possible. So, press on with technology and get as creative as standardized test-prep allows you to be. The students will appreciate the change!

Softball Senior Night

This past Friday was the softball teams last home game. Prior to the game, the two senior player, Shelby Marcom and Ashley White, were recognized. Below are a couple of pictures of the Shelby and Ashley, along with Shelby’s grandparents and Ashley’s parents. I would like to thank Shelby and Ashley for all their hard work and dedication to our softball program.

This Week

This is National Library Week and Tuesday is National Librarians’ Day. This week is also the end of the 5th 6 weeks. Since we had to cancel school for bad weather, we will have to use the bad weather day that was built into our school calendar for this Friday. We will not have an early out on Thursday. The early out will be on Friday, April 18.

Tuesday – 2nd Grade Field Trip; National Librarians’ Day; Baseball at Kemp; Softball at Dallas Life; Board Meeting – 7:00 PM

Wednesday – Area Track Meet at Kemp

Thursday – Regular School Day

Friday – Early Release; End of 5th 6 Weeks; Intermediate Right Choice Awards; Primary Easter Egg Hunt; Baseball v. Red Oak Life

I hope everyone has a great week!