Board Meeting Tonight

The Eustace ISD Board of Trustees will hold their regular monthly meeting tonight. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM and be held in the HS library. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

The Board will hear the following reports:

  • RevTrak
  • 12-13 Drop Out Data
  • Preliminary FIRST Rating
  • Attendance Comparison
  • 2014 Certified Taxable Values – Van Zandt County

Agenda Items include:

  • Approve minutes of previous meeting
  • Consider financial reports for June
  • Update on 2014-2015 budget
  • Consider proposal for duct work at Middle School, High School Auditorium, and High School Band Hall
  • Consider 2014-2015 collection contract with Henderson County Tax Office
  • Consider Proposed Tax Rate for 2014-2015
  • Consider Proposals – Student Accident Insurance
  • Review Local Policy (FFG) and FFG(Legal) – Child Abuse and Neglect Policy
  • Consider revisions to policy EIE(Local)
  • Consider Changes to policies DIA(Local) and FB(Local)
  • Consider Student Code of Conduct for 2014-2015
  • Review Student Handbook for 2014-2015
  • Review Community and Student Engagement Assessment for 2014
  • Review Employee Handbook for 2014-2015
  • Review Food Allergy Management Plan
  • Consider General Waivers as presented: Modified Schedule State Assessment Days; Timeline for Accelerated Instruction; Texas Assessment Management System Date Portal
  • Closed Meeting – During the closed meeting the Board will discuss personnel matters and student transfers. Any action on closed meeting items will be taken in open session.

Board Meeting Last Night

Last night, the Eustace ISD Board of Trustees held their regular monthly meeting. The meeting started at 7:00 PM and was held in the HS library.

The Board presented a Board Commendation to Angel Baker for her accomplishments in Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Angel placed first at district, 3rd at regional, and was a state qualifier in the event.

A picture of the special award for Jack Wallace, EISD director of maintenance, is at the end of this entry.

The Board heard the following reports:

  • RevTrak Report
  • 2014-2015 Perkins Planning Amounts
  • Van Zandt CAD 2015 Proposed Budget
  • Henderson CAD 2015 Proposed Budget
  • 2014 Platinum Leadership Circle Award
  • Texas Municipal Report
  • Rider 71 – Temporary TRS Contribution Assistance
  • STAAR/EOC Results
  • Update on Title I and Title II Planning Amounts
  • Local Education Agency Determination Process
  • Reports from campuses on Reading Programs for 2014-2015
  • Update on attendance and enrollment

The Board took the following actions at last night’s meeting:

  • Approved the minutes of previous meetings.
  • Approved the financial reports as presented.
  • Approved up to $85,000 for technology upgrades in the district.
  • Approved changing the date of the July regular board meeting from Tuesday, July 15 to Tuesday, July 22.
  • Approved the purchase of two new buses for the 2014-2015 school year.
  • Approved the ESC Region 7 contracts for the 2014-2015 school year.
  • Approved endorsing Ted Beard from Longview ISD to the Region 7 TASB Board of Directors.
  • Approved the District Investment Policy as presented
  • Accepted the resignations of Michael Rowley and Chris Lowry.
  • Employed Holly Johnston, custodian; Stephen Tardiff, HS teacher/coach; Brandon Grayson, MS teacher/coach; Cody Lowe, MS teacher; Tiffany Miley, PS teacher.
  • Approved the student transfers as presented
  • Approved the salary recommendations for 2014-2015 as presented
  • Adjourned


Award for Jack Wallace


Retirement Reception for Haskell Cook

Wednesday afternoon at 1:45, a retirement reception was held for our attendance officer, Haskell Cook. Mr. Cook is retiring after serving EISD for the past 22 years. On behalf of Eustace ISD, I would like to thank Mr. Cook for his tireless commitment to the students, staff, parents, and community. Below are a few pictures from his reception:

Congratulations Seniors and This Week

This past Saturday, the 2014 seniors participated in graduation ceremonies at the E. L. Kirk Gymnasium. The ceremony started at 10:00 AM. Parents, grandparents, and other relatives and friends came out to honor the graduating seniors. In addition, the Eustace ISD Board of Trustees were present along with administrators, teachers, and other staff members.

Walter Baker provided the salutatorian speech and Ridge Smith provided the valedictory speech. Virgil Crow, teacher and coach at EHS, gave the graduation speech. Students receiving scholarships were recognized. Currently, the Class of 2014 has received over $975,000 in scholarships and grants.

Congratulations to the Class of 2014!

I want to thank Jack Wallace and all of our maintenance employees for working throughout last week to prepare the gym and grounds for graduation. Also, I want to thank all of the High School staff for preparing all of the details that go into a graduation. Finally, a special thank you to all of the parents, grandparents, and other friends and relatives that were in attendance.

This Week

It is difficult to believe, but this is the final week of the 2013-2014 school year. We have a short week with two early out days and Thursday as the final day of school for students. There will be activities and events happening throughout the week. Please check with the campuses for the most up to date list of activities:

Monday – Early Childhood and PPCD Play Day

Tuesday – Intermediate – Skating

Wednesday – Early Out – Buses run two hours early; Intermediate Awards Day

Thursday – Last Day of School; Early Out – Buses run two hours early; Intermediate Big Prize Giveaway

Friday – Staff Workday

I hope everyone has a great week!

This Week and Comptroller’s Award

Although only a four day week, for our seniors, this is the most important week of the year. There are senior activities planned all through the next four days. However, the two most important activities occur on Wednesday and Saturday. On Wednesday, the seniors participate in the baccalaureate service at the First Baptist Church in Eustace. The service starts at 7:00 PM. There will be a reception to honor the seniors afterward in the Fellowship Hall.

On Saturday, May 31, the seniors will have their graduation ceremony. Graduation will be held in the E. L. Kirk Gymnasium and will start at 10:00 AM. Doors will open at 9:00 AM.

Thursday, the early childhood students will participate in their own graduation ceremony.

Friday, the kindergarten students will have their Right Choice picnic.

Comptroller’s Award

For the past several years, EISD has received the Gold Leadership Circle Award from the Texas Comptroller’s office for financial transparency. At the time, this was the highest level that could be attained. This year, the Comptroller introduced a Platinum Level that had even more challenging criteria. I am pleased to report that EISD was recently awarded The Leadership Circle Platinum Award by the Comptroller’s office. Out of a possible 22 points, EISD scored 21. If you have not visited the financial page on our website, I encourage you to take a few minutes and take a look at all the resources that are available.

I want to thank our business office personnel for producing the documents that go on our website: Carol Warren, business manager; Debra Meyners, payroll; Kara Weaver, accounts payable. I also want to thank our web designer, Michelle Cavazos. She is responsible for putting this information in an easy to access format on our webpage. Finally, I want to thank our school board for their leadership and direction: Gary Walsh, president; Michael Cates, vice-president; Ashley McKee, secretary; Cotton Walker, member; Sonny Hodge, member; Bobby Ashton, member; Steven Bell, member.

I hope everyone has a great week!

MS and HS Awards Night and Angel Baker

Last night, the Middle School and High School held their annual awards night. Many students from both campuses received many different types of honors. I want to congratulate all of those students that received awards. Also, I want to thank all of the family and friends who came out to support the students. At the end of this post, there are some pictures from the HS awards.

As you know, Angel Baker qualified for the state UIL academic meet in the Lincoln-Douglas Debate. While she did not place at the state meet, it does not diminish her accomplishment at all. Below is some information about Angel’s accomplishments this year from her debate coach, Anna Rhea:

 Here are a few little known facts:

  •  This was Angel’s first year at District (1st place), Regional (3rd place), and State (top 12)
  • She debated for a combined total of 12 hours at the above levels
  • She debated 24 hours in tournaments throughout the year
  • At Regional, she began the day at 8 AM and finished competing at 5 PM. During this time:
  • she managed 45 minutes break (her only break that day) for lunch and competed in persuasive speaking (missed advancing by one)
  • She is qualified to apply for TILF scholarships – so far we have found $12,000 in possible scholarship money next year!

 Congratulations to Angel and to Mrs. Rhea on a very successful year!

A reminder that we have a holiday on Monday, May 26. There will be no classes in observance of Memorial Day. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

2014-2015 Student Applications for Project Discovery with Dallas Theater Center


Project Discovery is a partnership with Dallas Theater Center and Eustace High School for a full season of plays, workshops, study guides, play scripts and Professional development for teachers at no cost to the district.

There has been a change in participation requirements for students wishing to participate in the  Project Discovery Program partnered with Dallas Theater Center and Eustace High School for the upcoming year.

Students are now being asked to apply and commit to being a full Season ticket holder (6 performances), or being a Shared Season ticket holder (3 performances) rather than signing up to participate each time. If your child is selected as a Season or Shared ticket holder they will be expected to attend the number of performances agreed upon. Due to the change E.H.S. has developed new criteria for the selection process and is now asking that you and your child sign a contract/consent form regarding requirements and expectations in addition to completing an application.

Participation is made possible through grants available to any state-accredited TEACHER or COUNSELOR in North Texas, pending completed application and support materials. Priority consideration is given to teachers serving students in Dallas County High Schools and surrounding areas that are eligible for Title I federal funds.

Each summer Ms. Tammy Beaty, our Theater Arts teacher applies for the grant for the following year. Eustace is one of four recipient schools outside of Dallas County that is honored to participate.

If you’d like for your child to participate in this program, please complete an application and return it to Ms. Beaty by June 15th. Applications are available at the High School reception desk or you may request one by emailing

Additional Information regarding the program and next year’s Season Shows can be found by visiting:

Project Discovery

2014-2015 Season

Board Meeting Last Night

Last night, the Eustace ISD Board of Trustees met for their regular monthly meeting. The meeting was held in the HS library and started at 7:00 PM. Before any action items were discussed, the Board issued commendations to the Eustace FFA program for all their successes throughout the year, especially at the Henderson County Livestock Show. Theresa Tindel, Ag Science Teacher, spoke about many of the awards that the Eustace program received at Henderson County. Mrs. Tindel also introduced the FFA officers for next year. Some of the many awards received throughout the year were on display for the Board to view. A picture of these awards is posted at the end of this entry.

Madi Allen was also honored by the Board for her accomplishments in track. Madi was the Area and Regional champion in the 300m hurdles. She placed 4th at the state track meet as a junior.

The Board took the following actions during last night’s meeting:

  • Approved the minutes of the previous meeting.
  • Approved the financial reports as presented.
  • Approved a new 59 month energy contract with Hudson Energy. The new contract will save the district up to $60,000 annually in electricity costs.
  • Approved the request for additional summer help as presented.
  • Approved joining the TIPS Purchasing Co-op
  • Approved replacing HVAC units at the Middle School and approved the repair of the Middle School roof.
  • Approved the bid for property.
  • Approved changes to Local Policy FFC
  • Approved Local Policy Update 99 on second reading.
  • Accepted the resignations of the following employees: Haskell Cook, Ricky Rodriguez, Tiffany Miley, and Gregg Pruitt
  • Approved the employment of the following personnel: Gary Jackson, maintenance; Leslie Cody, Head Start aide; Laci Taliaferro, Head Start Aide; Richard Gaddis, security officer; Veronica Gunderson, 2nd grade teacher; Lauri Steward, HS business teacher; Rachal Killian, HS science teacher; Steven Stegall, HS Ag Science teacher
  • Approved the employment of auxiliary staff as presented.
  • Accepted the list of transfers for the 13-14 and 14-15 school years.
  • Adjourned

    FFA Awards from Henderson County


Board Meeting Tonight

The Eustace ISD Board of Trustees will hold their regular monthly meeting tonight at 7:00 PM. The meeting will be held in the HS library. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

At the start of the meeting, the Board will present student recognitions to the FFA students and to Madi Allen.

Reports to the Board

  • RevTrak Report
  • NCLB LEA Maintenance of Effort
  • Notice of Sale – Henderson County
  • Van Zandt County Appraisal District 2013 Financial Audit
  • Henderson County Appraisal District Mass Appraisal Report
  • 5th and 8th Grade STAAR Results
  • Letter from TEA on Potential Chapter 41 Status for 2014-2015
  • DEIC Report
  • Update on Attendance and Enrollment

Action Items for tonight’s meeting

  • Consider Minutes from Previous Meetings
  • Consider Financial Reports
  • Consider Energy Contract
  • Consider Additional Summer Help
  • Consider Joining TIPS Purchasing Co-op
  • Consider Renovations and Repairs at Middle School – HVAC Units and Roof
  • Consider Bid for Property
  • Consider Advocacy Resolution
  • Consider Changes to Local Policy FFC
  • Consider Local Policy Update 99

The Board will enter closed session to discuss personnel and staffing, review evaluations of auxiliary staff, and to consider student transfers. Any action taken on closed session items will be done in open session.