by Coy Holcombe.  

If you have visited our website lately, you have probably noticed the new link to PaySchools on the left-hand side of the homepage. EISD has contracted with PaySchools to provide opportunities for our patrons to purchase goods and services over the Internet. PaySchools is operated by the Iowa Association of School Boards and has expanded its services to other states in recent years. Purchases may be made with a credit card or with an e-check. An e-check will ask you input the account number and routing number for your checking account. The purchase amount will be deducted from your checking account.

When you visit this site, you have a choice to choose the campus from which you want to purchase goods or services. Each campus chooses what products or services to list on PaySchools. Some of the categories currently available to purchase online include: yearbooks, fees and dues to organizations, fines for library books and/or textbooks, and parking passes. In addition, you may add money to your child’s cafeteria account at any campus in the district through PaySchools.

There is also a category for the district. In this category, users can pay transfer fees on approved transfers and pay their school property taxes.  We are asking anyone that chooses to pay their property taxes online to make sure that they include their account number in the comments section. This will allow the district to make sure that we credit the correct account.

There was no upfront cost for EISD to join PaySchools. Instead, EISD is charged 3.5% of the total monthly amount of revenue generated through PaySchools. For example, if we had $1000 of products purchased in a month, PaySchools will deduct 3.5% of that amount for their fees. That would mean that EISD would be charged $35 for that month. To offset these charges, there are convenience fees associated with the use of PaySchools. The convenience fees depend on the amount of purchase and are listed below:

$0 – $20.00 – Convenience Charge = $.70

$20.01 – $50.00 – Convenience Charge = $1.75

$50.01 – $100 – Convenience Charge = $3.50

$100.01 – $150 – Convenience Charge = $5.25

$150 .01 – $200 – Convenience Charge = $7.00

$200 + – Convenience Charge = $10.00


The purpose of the convenience fees is not to generate money for EISD. The only reason the convenience fees are added is to offset the charges associated with using PaySchools.

If you have any suggestions on other goods or services to place on the PaySchools site, please email me at Our goal is to provide the most services possible for our patrons.

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