Extracurricular Media Tech Group – Homecoming Internet Broadcast

by Rusty Meyners.  

Students interested in helping get our Homecoming game broadcast live on the Internet – LISTEN UP! Several of you met with me briefly last week to hear how to get involved with Media Technology projects such as this and other important events and productions. Those and other interested students and others should please register with the "EISD Technology NEEDS YOU!" Choice Link on the front page of the Moodle and then also go to the TECH GEEKS group in MoodleSpace and enroll.

I am sending this message through Moodle to those on my list that have accounts and depending you y’all to get the word out to others who need to join us. Some of them have not had a chance to even log into Moodle for the first time, so help them out, either in the Library or maybe with the help of one of Mr. Myer’s Tech Aides in C Hall.

I had to go to Dallas last Friday and got back too late to get in touch with the students on my list but hopefully we’ll have plenty of help this week.

Tentative plan is to meet at the Boneyard no later than 6:30pm before the game, and if I know who is coming to help I can leave your name at the gate to get you in free. You will take shifts operating the video camera while also getting familiar with the programs and processes being used to produce the live Internet feed.

Pass the word to those who can’t come to the game, that they can catch it on the Moodle or Webpage because you helped!

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