Federal Funding

by Coy Holcombe.  

Although we receive a majority of our funding from state and local sources, EISD also receives some funding from federal grant programs. Currently there are four major grant programs that provide funding to EISD: Title I, Part A-Improving Basic Programs, Title II, Part A-Teacher and Principal Training and Retention, Title II, Part D-Enhancing Education Through Technology, and Title IV, Part A-Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities (technically, there is a fifth federal program, Headstart, in which EISD receives reimbursements for salaries and benefits).

By far, our largest federal grant program is Title I, Part A. EISD will receive about $266,000 in funding through this program for the 08-09 school year. This majority of this funding is used to pay for teacher and aide salaries. Title I is also used to partially fund the achievement tests at the Primary and is used to pay for certain services from the Region 7 Education Service Center.

Title II, Part A is our second largest funding source from the federal level. EISD will receive about $68,000 from this grant for the 08-09 school year. About $9,000 of this grant pays for services received from the Service Center. The rest of this grant goes for teacher salaries and benefits.

The Safe and Drug Free grant is used to pay for drug awareness and prevention programs. In 08-09, EISD will receive about $4,400. Most of this grant goes to the company that furnishes the drug dog that visits all the campuses throughout the school year. The remaining portion goes to the counselors at each campus to purchase drug awareness materials.

Finally, EISD will receive about $2,400 in our Title II, Part D-Enhancing Education Through Technology grant. All of these funds will go toward goods and services related to technology in education.

If you have any questions regarding our federal grant programs, please contact me at cholcombe@eustaceisd.net. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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