EHS Going Robotic

by Stan Sowers.  

Computers, math, and science all in one!  That’s what the latest NXT robotics technology programs incorporate as students build, problem solve, and program robots.  Plans are being made at this time to go forward in purchasing 8 sets of the NXT Robotics Base Units for our Infinity Project class that we already offer students. 

Instructor of the class Mr. David Beverly along with Mr. Gene Myers, our Technology Integration Specialist, just returned from a workshop where they learned how this technology can be used as an instructional tool in developing critical thinking skills and scientific problem solving to make decisions.  By the way, rumor has it from Region VII that they were top of their class.  Two smart cookies.

We’re all excited about the opportunities this will present for our students and the students are excited as well.  I appreciate as the principal of EHS and as a dad of students in this school system, the vision and motivation our faculty and administration has for advancements in our curriculum such as this.  Give us a little time and we’ll invite everyone to come see them in action.

Together in education.


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