Path to Scholarships

by Stan Sowers.  

It’s the 3rd Annual Path to Scholarships Workshop!

Path to Scholarships is a vehicle that:  motivates all students to dare to dream great dreams, plants the seed of hope within students, guides students to set goals that stretch them, inspires students to discover life purpose, guides students to turn obstacles into character and strength, teaches the value of hard work through the scholarship process, and empowers students with all the tools to successfully reach their dreams.

Our own Mrs. GoDair has gone through hours of training to become a licensed instructor in the Path to Scholarships program.  Through gracious funding by the district, workbooks and notebooks are provided to each senior at Eustace High School during a 4 hour presentation that will guide them through this great endeavor of applying for scholarships and preparing them for the road ahead. 

Thank you Mrs. GoDair, Dr. Holcombe, and school board for going this extra mile for our students.

Bulldog Proud! 

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