Second Six Weeks – By the Numbers

by Coy Holcombe.  

The attendance numbers through the second six weeks, compared with the numbers used for budgeting are given below:

ADA 1426.1034 1443.09
HS ADA 434.31 420.7
SE FTEs 53.5557 65.174
Mainstream ADA 50.586 56.748
CATE 80.4368 59.113
GT Students 81 72.15
Compensatory 1040.2 1010
Bilingual 10.55 15.03

 Although our attendance rate was again very good (96.55%), we continued to have a lower than expected enrollment (as of yesterday, our enrollment was 1485) and as a result, our actual ADA is below the budgeted ADA. Our high school ADA continues to be above the budgeted figure simply because we have a very healthy enrollment in the high school at this time.

Our special education FTEs and mainstream ADA continue to be below budgeted amounts, while our career and technology FTEs are greater than the budgeted amount. As explained before, because our high school went to an 8 period day, this allowed more opportunities for our students to choose career and technology electives.

Note that our compensatory numbers are exactly the same as after the first six weeks. This occurs because the compensatory numbers used for this year are taken from last year’s federal fiscal year. These numbers will remain the same for the rest of the year. Recall that the compensatory numbers are based on the number of approved free and reduced meal applications. The actual number comes from the average of the best six months from the previous federal fiscal year.

While we would certainly like to be at or above our budget in all of the categories above, the key is monitoring the numbers and making adjustments as the school year progresses. Tomorrow we will look at the impact that these numbers have on the district’s funding.


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