Second Six Weeks – By the Numbers, Part 2

by Coy Holcombe.  

First, congratulations to the JV boys basketball team, the varsity girls basketball team, and the varsity boys basketball team. All three teams recorded wins last night. A special congratulation goes out to Dalinda Cassell, our varsity girls basketball coach, on her first win as a head coach.

Yesterday, we looked at attendance data through the second six weeks. Today, we will examine how that attendance data is affecting our state funding. Below is a table that compares the amount of state aid that we are earning with the amount that was budgeted:

Budget vs. Actual – 08-09 – End of 2nd Six Weeks

   Earned Budget  Difference 
 Regular Block Grant  $4,672,273 $4,766,154  -$93,881
Special Ed. $791,111  $941,197  -$150,086 
 CATE $392,660  $288,406  $104,254 
 GT $30,643  $30,992  -$349 
 Compensatory $690,050  $667,805  $22,245 
 Bilingual $3,816  $5,432  -$1,616 
 Transportation $139,000 $139,000  $0 
 Total Tier I $6,719,553  $6,838,986  -$119,433 
 Less Local $3,766,526  $3,766,526   
 Tier I $2,953,027  $3,072,460  -$119,433 
 Tier II $744,283  $771,936  -$27,653 
 HB 1 $224,205  $228,232  -$4,027 
 Additional State Aid  $1,541,987 $1,561,080  -$,19,093 
 Staff Allotment $53,500  $53,500  $0 
 HB 1 (80th Session) $48,163  $49,028  -$865 
 Technology $41,956  $42,456  -$500 
 HS Allotment $119,435  $115,693  $3,742 
 Pre-K $98,000  $98,000  $0 
EDA $121,574 $133,390 -$11,816
Total $5,946,130 $6,125,775 -$179,645

 A few notes:

The local share is calculated on the district’s property valued multiplied by $.0086. This amount is subtracted from the total Tier I aid. So, as a district’s property value goes up, the amount of Tier I aid goes down.

CATE – Career and Technology – This is the money that we receive for classes such as agricultural science, home economics, certain business classes, and certain technology classes.

EDA – Existing Debt Allotment – This is money that the district receives to help pay for voter approved bonds.

Additional State Aid – This category of funding is used to offset the decrease in property taxes.

Because of our decreased enrollment, EISD is currently earning less than the amount budgeted. While this may not be an ideal situation, as long as we are aware of the situation and keep track of the amount that we are actually earning, we will be okay. We have already made additional adjustments to the budget to account for the additional shortfall. If you have any questions concerning any of these numbers, please contact me at



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