Update on PaySchools

by Coy Holcombe.  

At the beginning of the school year, I wrote about the new online pay service that the district uses, PaySchools. The service allows parents/guardians to pay for certain school related services either by credit card or with an e-check. Today, I wanted to review the PaySchools activity through the end of November.

In September, we had total sales through PaySchools of $739.00. We also had $31.15 in convenience fee charges for the month. In October, the sales jumped to $1,361.34. The convenience fees also increased to $51.65. In November, our total sales continued to increase to $1,666.34. The convenience fees totaled $49.90 for the month.

Overall, through the end of November, we have had sales totaling $3,766.38 through PaySchools. While the majority of the sales have been for breakfast and lunch charges, we have also had fees and dues and property taxes paid through PaySchools.

A total of $132.70 in convenience fees has been collected through the end of November. As discussed previously, PaySchools assesses a service fee of 3.5% of total sales for the month. The convenience fees offset this service charge. Currently, the district is achieving its goal of just breaking even on the service fees versus convenience fees.

If there are other services that you would like to see offered through PaySchools, please let me know. If you have any questions regarding PaySchools, please contact me at cholcombe@eustaceisd.net.


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