Property Tax Balances

by Coy Holcombe.  

EISD has recently added a link on their Tax Office webpage that will provide information on the balance of taxpayers’ accounts. To find this link, first go to our homepage, In the top right hand corner of our homepage, is a section called "Administration, Board, Jobs". One of the links in this section is for the tax office. Click on that link.

This will take you to the tax office homepage. In the middle of the screen, is a link called "Find your property tax balance". Click on this link. A new page will open with a the cursor in a search box. There are several options for searching at this point. You can search by owner’s name, account number, property address, CAD reference number, or fiduciary number.

The default search parameter is by owner’s name. The owners name must be typed in with the last name first. If you choose to search on something other than the owner’s name, you must change the criteria by clicking on the appropriate button in the "Search By" section.

Once you have done your search, the results are displayed on a new page. At this point, the webpage becomes a little misleading. There are two options listed at the top, "print version" and "Excel version". Do not click on either of these links. Instead, scroll down a little and a series of rectangles appear. The left most rectangle contains the account number of the property. The number is underlined. Click on this account number. A new page will open with all the information on this account, including the amount of property tax owed.

If you have any questions regarding your property taxes, please contact Debbie Myers, our tax collector, at, or by calling 425-5232.

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