81st Legislative Session Starts

by Coy Holcombe.  

The 81st Texas legislative session has started. With the report from the comptroller on estimated revenue (see yesterday’s blog), this will be an interesting and challenging session for our senators and representatives. While the consensus seems to be that there will be no major overhaul in the funding system for schools, I am sure that there will be refinements discussed in both the financing and operation of schools. As information becomes available on bills that affect education, I will be passing that information on in this blog. Also,any information that affects property values and/or taxes will be passed on as well. 

If you are curious about certain bills or want to find out what bills have been filed or the status of certain bills, I encourage you to visit the Texas Legislature website at  http://www.legis.state.tx.us/. This website has links to the senate and the house and allows you to search for bills by keywords. In addition, it provides links to each senator and representative in the state.

To contact our senator (Robert Nichols (R) from Jacksonville) or our representative (Betty Brown (R)) go to the website above and click on the "Members" link in the left hand column. A list of members will appear for the house and the senate. Then click on the senator or representative that you want to contact. Contact information will be displayed as well as information on bills filed and committees assigned.


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