3rd Six Weeks – By the Numbers

by Coy Holcombe.  

Today we will look at the attendance numbers through the end of the third six weeks. The actual numbers will be compared with those used to build the budget for 08-09.

Budget vs. Actual – 3rd Six Weeks

  Earned Budget Difference
ADA 1418.0429 1443.09 -25.0471
HS ADA 429.99 420.7 9.29
SE FTE 53.3351 65.174 -11.8389
Mainstream ADA 49.044 56.748 -7.704
CATE 79.313 59.113 20.2
GT Students 81 72.15 8.85
Compensatory 1040.2 1010 30.2
Bilingual 10.31 15.03 -4.72

As you can see, the main difference in the two columns is in the overall ADA. This difference can be traced directly to our decreased enrollment. Our attendance rate for the third six weeks was good (about 96.3%). Although fuel costs have decreased drastically over the last 6 months, this alone has not been enough to bring families back into our district. The overall state of the economy is having an impact on our district. I do not see this changing much throughout 2009. As we plan for our 2009-2010 budget, this factor will play a major role.

Tomorrow, we will look at how the above numbers translate into state aid for the district.

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