Texas Association of School Boards

by Coy Holcombe.  

We talk quite a bit about how our school district functions and why it functions in certain ways. One thing that we have not talked about in this regard is our school board. The Board is comprised of seven elected members. These members receive no compensation for their services. Each board member is elected to a three-year term.

Our board members, along with most other board members in the state, are members in the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB). TASB provides numerous services to district and board members. TASB services range from property and vehicle insurance, to legal services, to policy updates. Besides these major services, TASB offers many other services. One of the services that literally thousands of board members across the state participate in are the conventions and training sessions offered through TASB. These training sessions offer board members an opportunity to get first hand information on a variety of education related issues through workshops, breakout sessions, and through networking with other board members. Often times,  our board members arrive at the workshops at 8:00 AM and attend sessions until 5:00 PM.

EISD is making use of several services of TASB to help reduced the amount of paper used in our policy manuals and to help reduce the paperwork associated with board books. First, the district utilizes the policy online service offered through TASB. This service puts our entire policy manual on line so that multiple paper copies are not necessary. By placing our policy manual online, we have reduced the number of paper copies from over 10 to just one. In addition, EISD has enrolled in the TASB BoardBook service. This service allows our monthly board books to be produced electronically. The books are then downloaded to laptops so that our board members are able to access the materials. This process has literally saved thousands of paper copies that would normally go into producing these board books. It has also saved the cost of mailing these materials, the cost of putting these materials together, and the cost of storing this information.

To access the district’s policy manual, go to our homepage, www.eustaceisd.net, click on the link "Board Members" and stroll down to the bottom of the page. The link for the policy manual is located there.


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