Ft. Worth Stock Show

by Stan Sowers.  

The Eustace FFA Show Team did outstanding this past weekend at the Fort Worth Stock Show.  There were over 1,000 market goats and over 1,000 market sheep competing.  In the Market Goat Show we had 6 out of 7 students place in the top 15 per class.   The class average was 62 goats.  The lamb show averaged 80 sheep per class.  The following students finished in this manner:
                Heidi Wonhas- 14th
                Ashley Lasiter- 14th
                Corey Smitherman- 12th
                Chad Tindel- 10th
                Mallory Mobly- 6th
                Brady Tindel- 5th
                Caleb Wonhas and Danielle Anderson competed well but missed the final cut to the top 20 per class.

From left to right:  Caleb Wonhas, Danielle Anderson, Brady Tindel, Corey Smitherman, Heidi Wonhas, Mallory Mobley, and Ashley Lasiter

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