4th Six Weeks – By the Numbers

by Coy Holcombe.  

Below is a table that compares our attendance and FTEs through the 4th six weeks with our budgeted amount:

4th Six Weeks – Budget vs. Actual

  Earned Budget Difference
ADA 1410.1787 1443.09 -32.9113
HS ADA 426.52 420.7 5.82
SE FTEs 53.0333 65.174 -12.1407
Mainstream FTEs 49.294 56.748 -7.454
CATE 79.0798 59.113 19.9668
GT 81 72.15 8.85
Compensatory 1040.2 1010 30.2
Bilingual 10.18 15.03 -4.85

While our enrollment has increase slightly over the last couple of weeks, our attendance was down during the 4th six weeks due to outbreaks of illness.

A few notes:

HS ADA refers to only the High School average daily attendance. The district receives additional funding for this figure.

CATE refers to the career and technology education courses offered at the High School. This would include ag classes, consumer science classes, certain business classes, and certain technology classes.

GT refers to students identified as gifted and talented.

Compensatory refers to the number of student that qualify for free or reduced meals. This is based on the average of the greatest six months of the prior federal fiscal year. 

Bilingual refers to the students that are receiving instruction in English as a Second Language.

Tomorrow we will look at how these numbers are impacting our funding. 

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