Great Job Intermediate!!

by Coy Holcombe.  

Congratulations and thanks to the Intermediate School for an awesome music program last night! The program was called "The Hero in Us All" and was performed in front of a large crowd at the High School gym. The program featured performances by the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes, the Intermediate Select Choir, and the "Rappers." The program also featured a multimedia tribute to heroes from several students, as well as a special recognition to past and present members of the armed forces, firefighters, and law enforcement. A very special thank you goes to Kathy Clardy for all her hard work in preparing the students for this performance. Other people that contributed their time and talents to making this program successful included: Jerri Davis, Gene Myers, Rusty Meyners, Ginger Plunk, Judi Wakefield, and Jack Wallace. Finally, thanks to all the family members and friends that attended this performance last night.

Today is the end of the 5th six weeks. It’s hard to believe that we only have one more six weeks in this school year! Next week, we will look at the attendance numbers and funding numbers through the 5th six weeks.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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