By the Numbers, 5th Six Weeks

by Coy Holcombe.  

Below is a table that compares our actual attendance data through the 5th six weeks with the amounts that were used for our budget:

Budget vs. Actual

  Earned Budget Difference
ADA 1411.5775 1443.09 -31.5125
HS ADA 425.97 420.7 5.27
SE FTE 53.2254 65.174 -11.9486
Mainstream ADA 50.054 56.748 -6.694
CATE 79.3468 59.113 20.2338
GT Students 81.4 72.15 9.25
Comp 1040.2 1010 30.2
Bilingual/ESL 10.13 15.03 -4.9


CATE = Career and Technology Education (such as ag, consumer and family sciences, certain business classes, and certain technology classes)

Comp = Students eligible for free and reduced meals. This number is derived from the average of the highest six months from the previous federal fiscal year.

The 5th six weeks is the first six weeks this year that our ADA has increased. This is due to our increase in enrollment.

Overall, our attendance rate for the district for the 5th six weeks was 96.35%.

Reminder: We will be hosting a regional qualifiers track meet today. The meet will get underway at 3:30.

Tomorrow we will look at how our attendance numbers are affecting our state funding.


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