By the Numbers, 5th Six Weeks, Part 2

by Coy Holcombe.  

First, congratulations to Chelsea Truitt for being named Academic All-State in soccer. Second, I want to congratulate all of our track athletes that participated in the regional qualifiers meet last night. Everyone competed well against some of the best track athletes in our area. In fact, we had teams from the Dallas area (South Oak Cliff) and beyond (Nevada Community). A special thanks goes out to our coaches, maintenance department, technology department, and Athletic Booster Club for working together to put on a quality meet.

Yesterday, we looked at the attendance numbers through the 5th six weeks. Today, we are going to look at how those attendance numbers affect our state aid. Below is a table that compares what we are earning with what was budgeted:

Budget vs. Actual – 5th Six Weeks

  Earned Budget Difference
Regular Block Grant $4,626,162 $4,766,154 -$139,992
Special Ed $786,385 $941,197 -$154,812
CATE $387,447 $288,406 $99,041
Gifted/Talented $30,336 $30,992 -$656
Compensatory $690,258 $667,805 $22,453
Bilingual/ESL $3,666 $5,432 -$1,766
Transportation $139,000 $139,000 $0
Total Tier I $6,663,254 $6,838,986 -$175,732
Less Local $3,766,526 $3,766,526 $0
Tier I State $2,896,526 $3,072,460 -$175,732
Tier II $731,248 $771,936 -$40,688
HB 1 $222,307 $228,232 -$5,925
Additional State Aid $1,528,930 $1,561,080 -$32,150
Staff Allotment $53,500 $53,500 $0
HB 1 (80th Session) $47,756 $49,028 -$1,272
Technology $41,529 $42,456 -$927
HS Allotmnet $117,142 $115,693 $1,449
Pre-K Grant $98,000 $98,000 $0
EDA $111,469 $133,390 -$21,921
Total $5,848,609 $6,125,775 -$277,166

 Notes: Through budget adjustments, the $277,166 difference has been reduced to about $5,500. This final difference will be made up by the difference in property values that the district is appealing. The lower property value will have the most dramatic affect on the local share. This number will become smaller and increase the overall amount of state aid that we will receive through Tier I. We will continue to monitor our numbers closely through the remainder of this school year. If you have any questions regarding these numbers or anything else please feel free to contact me at

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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