Education Service Center Contracts

by Coy Holcombe.  

I often mention the Region 7 Service Center and have talked briefly about some of the services provided to the district through Region 7. Every year at this time, we review the services that we received the prior year and look at the services offered for the upcoming school year. Recommendations are then made to the school board regarding these services. Usually, these recommendations are made either in May or June. It is anticipated that we will make recommendations this year to the board in May.

Below is a brief description of the services that we are looking at for the 09-10 school year:

  • Title I – This service is really not through the Service Center, but through an independent contractor. The person that we contract with provides help with submitting the application necessary to receive our federal funding.
  • Math/Science Co-op – This allows our teachers to attain almost any workshop dealing with math and/or science at no additional cost.
  • ELA/Social Studies Co-op – Same as the math/science except the workshops would focus on English/language arts and social studies.
  • Video Streaming – Allows our teachers to access numerous videos and presentations related to their lesson topic.
  • Data Management – This encompasses several functions related to the uploading and downloading of information about student performance.
  • Early Childhood  – Provides training to our early childhood teachers.
  • RSCCC Student Services – This is the computer program that provides all the information regarding attendance, grade posting, special services, etc. for students.
  • RSCCC Gradebook – Provides the electronic grade book used by teachers.
  • Purchasing Co-op – We receive special rates on certain purchases as a member of this co-op.

Work is progressing on the gym. Below is a picture of the beginning stages of the installation of the gym floor. Two layers of plywood (one running the length of the gym and one running diagonally across the gym) are required before the actual wood for the floor can be installed. Each piece of plywood running the length of the gym has 32 rubber cushions tacked to the under side. Plastic sheeting is installed under the plywood to act as a vapor barrier.

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