Embedded PowerPoints with Google Presentations

by Rusty Meyners.

Not sure how new this is but just found a Google Apps sharing feature that was new to me and maybe I’m easily excited but I couldn’t wait to share.

While showing a Social Studies teacher how to share upload a PowerPoint and share it as a Google Presentation Webpage, I saw an “Embed” option not previously noticed, I immediately changed directions on the ‘just in time” tutorial and we instead embedded it into a Moodle topic label. I explained that embeded share options had been made popular in My Space but can be used in almost any Web 2.0 venue such as Moodle. That includes this blog where I am fixing to embed his presentation with confidence it will work, though I’ve yet to try it.

Fooled You! Thought there was gonna be an embedded player, didn’t you? Well so did I but the problem is with the Moodle Blog or our editor hack, so I had to just put a screen cap in. It is linked into the course where you might be able to view it if you have privileges there. Better yet, just try it yourself!


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