Employee Banquet Highlights

by Coy Holcombe.  

Last night was a great night! Over 200 employees and guests were at the Annual Employee Appreciation Banquet which was held at the First Baptist Church in Eustace. All current Board Members were also present. Danny’s Barbecue from Athens catered the event. Following the dinner, service pins and plaques were presented to several employees for their years of service to the students of EISD. The following employees received 5 year service pins:

Beth Williamson, Charlene Harris, Chris Powers, Donald Slay, Heather Caronna, Jackie Caldwell, Jerri Davis, Judy Wakefield, Kortni Harris, Mary Mitchell, Pam Woods, Phillip Smith, and Ruth Adame

Employees receiving 10 year service pins included:

April Morris, Carol Warren, Debbie Risner, Nina K. Shelton, Susanne Pharmakis, Taressa Charlton, Tish Bennett, Tonnie Faust, and Wendy Jones

The following employees received service pins for 15 years of service to EISD:

Gwen Orr, Judy Wimberley, Martha Ray, and Stephanie Kirkhart

Receiving service pins for 20 years of service were:

Becki Smith, Debbie Myers, Holly Bailey, Judy O’Casey, Mary Bell, Pam Dowell, Sherri Purselley, and Cherry Gage

Two employees received service pins for 25 years of service:

Sandy Sowers and Judy Vestal

Three employees received service pins for 30 years of service to EISD:

Geraldine Carson, Janice Beasley, and Rob Tyner

Chuck Powers received a plaque for 40 years of service  to the district.

Yvonne Holmes, Debbie Risner, and Dorothy Paris received retirement plaques for their dedication to the students of EISD.

Following the presentation of the service pins and plaques, numerous door prizes were awarded to those in attendance. I want to thank all of the local businesses that contributed. A special thank you goes out to Mary Bell and Faye Barnett for their tireless work rounding up the door prizes and decorating for the banquet. Also, a special thank you goes to Karen Thompson for her work in organizing the service pins and plaques.

 Thanks to everyone that attended and supported the banquet. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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