Graduation Tomorrow

by Coy Holcombe.  

Tomorrow the class of 2009 will graduate. The graduation starts at 10:30 and will be held in the new E. L. Kirk – Bulldog Gym. Doors will open to the public at 9:30. Members of the Eustace Volunteer Fire Department will be on hand to help with the parking. All of the parking closest to the gym will be reserved for handicap use. The parking lot behind the High School will be open for public use.

We will have several hundred chairs set up on the floor for the audience. However, once the ceremony starts, no one will be allowed on the floor. Please plan accordingly.

We are proud that our seniors will be graduating in Eustace for the first time in years. The construction crews and our maintenance staff have worked tirelessly to get the new gym ready for this ceremony. Please understand that while the gym will be ready to host graduation, there are still areas where crews are finishing work. As with all construction projects, needed materials do not necessarily arrive on time. We have experienced a very frustrating delay in getting our restroom partitions from the manufacturer: some have arrived and others have not. We may not be able to open all the restrooms in the foyer tomorrow. We are asking for everyone’s help and understanding in dealing with this situation. Also, in order for us to open as many as possible, our construction firm has brought in spare partitions that will be installed temporarily. Some of these partitions will not match anything else in the gym; but, will serve a need for tomorrow’s graduation.

We are looking forward to honoring our 2009 graduates with a great graduation ceremony tomorrow.  

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