2 for 2

by Stan Sowers.  



Felischa Baczkiewicz, this years captain of the cheer squad, tried out for SFA this past weekend.  There were between 80 and 100 athletes trying out for approximately 40 spots on the team.  I’m glad to announce that we are now 2 for 2 on cheerleaders making collegiate squads.   We have Marquise Shepard cheering for TVCC and Felischa cheering for SFA.  Congratulations!


Bulldog Proud

Embedded PowerPoints with Google Presentations

by Rusty Meyners.

Not sure how new this is but just found a Google Apps sharing feature that was new to me and maybe I’m easily excited but I couldn’t wait to share.

While showing a Social Studies teacher how to share upload a PowerPoint and share it as a Google Presentation Webpage, I saw an “Embed” option not previously noticed, I immediately changed directions on the ‘just in time” tutorial and we instead embedded it into a Moodle topic label. I explained that embeded share options had been made popular in My Space but can be used in almost any Web 2.0 venue such as Moodle. That includes this blog where I am fixing to embed his presentation with confidence it will work, though I’ve yet to try it.

Fooled You! Thought there was gonna be an embedded player, didn’t you? Well so did I but the problem is with the Moodle Blog or our editor hack, so I had to just put a screen cap in. It is linked into the course where you might be able to view it if you have privileges there. Better yet, just try it yourself!


Teacher Appreciation Week and Upcoming Activities

by Coy Holcombe.  

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes and let our teachers know how much their dedication and hard work really means to our students: drop them a note, write them an email, or just tell them in person how much you appreciate everything that they do for the students.

We are entering one of the most fun and busy times of the school year. We have lots of activities going on at all campuses from now until the end of the school year. Instead of just listing the activities for this week, I am including a list of activities for all campuses through the end of the school year. If you have any questions about any of these activities, contact the campuses, or contact me at cholcombe@eustaceisd.net.

– May 4—Bulldog Pride Trip, EMS Art Gallery
· May 6—HS GT Field Trip, IS Last Day for AR, IS Breakfast Club, PS AR Field Trip
· May 7—AP English IV Exam, Employee appreciation Banquet, MS Field Trip, PS AR Play Day
· May 8—AP US History Exam, 6th Grade Band Competition, All Libraries Closed, FFA Awards 6:30 PM, 4th Grade Field Day, 2nd Field Trip
· May 11—IS Student of the Month Trip, Spring Band Concert 7:00 PM
· May 12—Top 10 Banquet 7:00 PM, MS Talent Show, 4th Field Trip, IS East Texas Choir Festival, 2nd Grade Spring Music Program
· May 13—AP English III Exam, 4th Field Trip, 3rd Field Day, 5th EMS Tour
· May 14—NHS Awards Banquet 7:00 PM, IS AR Trip, K & 1 Field Trip
· May 15—EMS AR Field Trip, 3rd AR Pizza, 5th Field Day
· May 16—MS Academic Competition
· May 18—Athletic Banquet—5:00 PM, 5th AR Pizza
· May 19—TAKS Math 5th (2nd Adm), 4th AR Pizza
· May 20—IS Field Trip
· May 21—IS Mega-Blast Party, 2nd Grade Tour of IS, HS Academic Awards 12:45, PS EC Graduation, MS Awards Night 6:00 PM, HS Awards Night 7:00 PM
· May 22—IS Dunking Booth, IS Choir Visits Nursing Home, 1st & 2nd Skating Party
· May 25—Memorial Day Holiday
· May 26—5th Picnic, PS & IS All Smiles Dentist, EC Field Day
· May 27—IS Reeve Rascals, K Field Day, Baccalaureate—FBC 7:00 PM
· May 28—IS Perfect Attendance/Right Choice/All A’s Treat, 1st Field Day
· May 29—IS PA Pizza, Right Choice, 2nd Field Day
· May 30—Graduation 10:30 AM
· June 1, 2 & 3—HS Semester Exams, IS Money-Aire & Skating, K Picnic
· June 2—Early Release, MS Daytime Awards 9:00 AM, Primary Awards Day, Intermediate Awards Day
· June 3—Early Release, IS Big Prize Give, Money-Aire Championship
· June 4—Staff Workday
· June 8—Summer School Starts
We will continue to monitor the flu situation and may need to make adjustments accordingly.

Update on Regional Track Meet and Flu

by Coy Holcombe.  

Late yesterday afternoon, I received an email from UIL stating that the regional track meets would be rescheduled and the state track meet moved back into June. Our regional track meet is now scheduled for May 15 & 16 in Commerce. The state track meet is scheduled for June 5 & 6 in Austin.

In the latest update we have regarding the flu, there has been one confirmed case of the N1H1 (the term being used now instead of swine) flu in Region 7. That case occurred in New Diana. We will continue to monitor our situation throughout the day and throughout the weekend.

On Monday, the Middle School art department will be having an art sale from 4 – 6 PM. The gallery will also be open from May 5 – 9 from 8 AM – 3 PM. I encourage you to stop by the Middle School next week and view these works.

The actual playing surface in the new gym is being installed. Below is a picture of the wood used for the playing surface laid out in preparation for installation. You can see that they have started putting this wood down in the middle of the floor.

I hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable, and healthy weekend.