Summer Stuff

by Coy Holcombe.  

So what exactly happens in a school district during the summer? I won’t speak for every school district in the state, but I will talk about what we try to accomplish in EISD during the summer.

One of the main priorities in the summer is working on the budget for the next school year. Revenue must be estimated and expenditures examined. Salaries are always a major consideration. These figures are checked, re-checked, and checked again. A spreadsheet is constructed with these numbers that will eventually be uploaded into our financial accounting software. Throughout the process, the Board of Trustees review the figures. Also, tax worksheets from the comptroller’s office must be prepared and presented to the board. Tax and budget information must be published in the newspaper. In August, we will have a budget hearing, that is open to the public, in which all of the financial data is summarized and presented to the board. At this time, a tax rate and a budget is adopted for the 09-10 school year.

Our administrative office is busy closing out the 08-09 school year and getting prepared for the 09-10 school year. Invoices must be paid and new salary information entered. Our bank records must be reconciled and budget amendments prepared for our auditors and board.

Our principals are busy filling any vacant positions and working on schedules for the next school year. Scheduling of students is done at the High School and Middle School. Counselors are working on these schedules also. Counselors are also working to make sure that any necessary re-testing is done correctly.

Coaches are busy with the summer workout program. Right now, in addition to the summer workout program, cross country workouts are on-going. Camps occur throughout the summer. Currently, soccer camp and basketball camp are being conducted. Volleyball camp will occur later in the summer. Coaches are also making sure that inventories are complete,  supplies are in place to start workouts in August, and that there schedules are filled.

Some teachers are busy teaching summer school classes. Other teachers are attending workshops and conferences during the summer months. The Intermediate hosts a summer reading program each Tuesday evening throughout the summer.

Our technology department is taking care of any issues with computers and our network. Currently, work is being done on the security cameras in the district and on decreasing the appearance of network wiring throughout the district. Negotiations with various computer manufacturers are taking place in order to secure the best quote possible for netbooks for students. These quotes will be presented to the board in July.

Our maintenance and custodial staffs are busy giving all the buildings a thorough cleaning. The maintenance department is also in the process of painting certain areas. There are always summer projects that must be completed. For example, our maintenance crew just completed pouring a concrete flume in an area at the Primary where the soil was eroding badly. Our maintenance crews must continue their up-keep on the grounds. This summer, our maintenance crews will also be working at the new transportation facility. In order to cut construction costs, they will be doing the majority of the inside construction.

The summer is a vital part of the overall school year. Many necessary activities occur behind the scenes during the summer months. All of these activities are in preparation for the students and staff arriving in August. If you have any questions on our summer activities please feel free to contact me at



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