Accountability Ratings

by Coy Holcombe.  

TEA has released preliminary accountability ratings for campuses and districts. Below are the ratings for each campus and for our district:

High School – Recognized

Middle School – Academically Acceptable

Intermediate – Exemplary

Primary – Exemplary

District – Recognized

Compared to our ratings in 07-08, the High School went from Academically Acceptable to Recognized and the district went from Academically Acceptable to Recognized. The Intermediate and Primary continued to be rated as Exemplary. The Middle School missed being Recognized by 2% in one sub-population.

We have also been notified of our preliminary AYP status for the 08-09 school year. All of our campuses and our district met AYP standards for 08-09.

I want to thank all of our staff members, parents/guardians, other relatives and friends, and the students for all the hard work that went into the 08-09 school year.  There is no way that one group can do it all by themselves: it takes everyone working together to provide the best education possible for our students.

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