Looking Bright at EHS

by Stan Sowers.  

Here we go again!  Things are shining bright at Eustace High School.  For starters, we get to say for the first time in several years that we are a "Recognized" campus according to TEA.  I’m very proud of the students and staff for all their hard work.  We understand the areas that still need to improve and we’re all on board to see that it gets done.  Secondly, I am extremely excited about my staff this year.  Some important and necessary changes were made over the summer and I couldn’t be more pleased with the initial results.  I’m convinced more than ever that I have a staff that truly care for our students and are committed to seeing them successful.  Last, I’m excited as well, about the direction our athletics are heading.  Both the boy’s and girl’s athletic departments under the leaderships of Coach Doug Wendel and Coach Chuck Powers are dedicated to producing athletes and I do believe we are starting to see results from this philosophy.  The new gymnasium and its weight room has been a great catalyst in this process.

Looking forward to an outstanding 2009 – 2010 school year.

Bulldog Proud!

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