Evacuation Drill

by Coy Holcombe.  

Yesterday, all the campuses participated in a district wide evacuation drill. During this drill, we work on getting all students and all staff in vehicles in case we need to leave this area. We have worked on this drill for the past several years. I hope that we never have to actually utilize this drill, but I think that it is important to plan and practice for such an emergency.

While the drill yesterday was a scheduled drill, we were still able to get all students and staff in vehicles and assembled at the football field in under 15 minutes. When you think that we have around 1480 students and around 250 staff members, even for a scheduled drill, that is a remarkable accomplishment.

If the district ever needed to actually evacuate, each department in the district has a specific role to play. Everything revolves around getting our children out safely, providing for their continued safety during transportation and at the final destination, and for reuniting students with their parents.

I want to thank all the students, parents, and staff members for their hard work in making this drill a success and for understanding that while we hope that we may never have to utilize such a move, preparation and practice are key components to success.

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