Friday Night

by Coy Holcombe.  

Tonight, the Bulldogs travel to Wills Point for a key district football game. Kickoff is scheduled for 7:30. Both Eustace and Wills Point are 3-0 in district. I encourage everyone to come out and support the Bulldogs tonight. In addition to some great football, you will also get to see and hear the Mighty Bulldog Marching Band and watch our cheerleaders perform. The support of the fans does make a difference! If you cannot make it to Wills Point tonight, you can follow the game on our homepage. Twitter updates will be provided throughout the game.

Look for the November edition of the Update to come out today. If you do not receive the Update by email and would like to, just send me your email address and I will add you to the distribution list. You can email me at

A reminder that Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday. Clocks will "fall back" one hour Sunday.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Volleyball 10-0 in District

by Coy Holcombe.  

The varsity volleyball team finished district play with a perfect 10-0 record after a 3-0 sweep against Mineola last night. Although the district race was decided last week, the win last night caps off a great district run for the Lady Bulldogs. Not only are they repeat district champs, but since Eustace won district, we receive a bye in bi-district play, so the Lady Bulldogs are also repeat bi-district champs! 

The area championship game will be played next Thursday in Mt. Pleasant against Liberty-Eylau. More information about this game will come in future posts. Congratulations to all the young ladies on the team, Chuck Powers, head coach, Shannon Smith, assistant coach, and Jeremy Taylor, assistant coach.

A reminder that the district cross-country meet will take place today at the 4 Pines Ranch just outside of Eustace. The race schedule is as follows:

JV Girls – 2:00
Varsity Girls – 2:30
JV Boys – 3:00
Varsity Boys – 3:30
JH Girls – 4:00
JH Boys – 4:30


Outstanding Performance in Horrible Conditions

by Coy Holcombe.  

In football, it is a given that some games will be played in less than ideal weather conditions. The same thing can be said about soccer and to a lesser extent about baseball and softball. Yesterday, our band performed in the UIL Marching Contest in weather that was beyond bad.

When I first arrived in Mesquite, the weather was okay. It was drizzling slightly and the wind, while gusty at times, was not overly strong. The Bulldog Band was scheduled to perform at 4:15. During the performance of the band immediately preceding Eustace, the weather took a turn for the worse. The drizzle changed to a full rain and the wind became very gusty.

When the EHS band took the field, the rain was coming down harder and it was being blown by 20-25 mph winds. During the entire performance of the EHS band, the weather conditions were just dreadful. If it had been a baseball or softball game, the umpires would have stopped play for the weather. Our young men and young ladies never faltered! They put on a show that was unbelievable given the conditions in which they were performing.

I want to congratulate each member of the band for their performance yesterday. The band ended up with a second division rating, but everyone in the EISD should be proud of their performance. A special thank you goes to Todd Felty, band director, and Jim Taylor, assistant band director, for preparing these young men and young ladies so well. Also, a special thank you goes to all the parents that braved the conditions to support the band. It truly was a performance to remember!


This Week

by Coy Holcombe.  

First, congratulations to the varsity volleyball team and the varsity football team for their victories over Kemp Friday night. The volleyball win runs their record to 9-0 in district and secures their second straight district championship. Congratulations to the coaches and players on this accomplishment. The varsity football team is now 3-0 in district, and if my calculations are correct, have secured their second straight playoff spot.

This week’s activities include:

Monday – Called Board Meeting – 7:00 AM; MS VB vs. Kemp 4:30; UIL Marching Contest at Mesquite – 4:15

Tuesday – HS Volleyball at Mineola 4:30 – last regular season game

Wednesday – District Cross Country Meet – 4 Pines Ranch

Thursday – 7th and 8th Football at Wills Point – 5:00; JV football vs. Wills Point – 6:30

Friday – Varsity Football at Wills Point – 7:30



Netbooks in the Un-Happy Middle

by Rusty Meyners.  

My response to the student who felt the netbooks were useless because of the blocks and filters, and asked why there couldn’t be a "happy middle".

You don’t really want a happy middle – you want everything your way. This is school and it’s always been that way. If you wanted a happy middle, you would be thanking me for scheduling the blocks for the school hours and leaving you more freedom before and after. In return you would be using the laptop for school work and not abuse it when you are supposed to be paying attention.

Where was the happy middle when I originally left Skype on the netbooks and trusted y’all to be responsible with it? The abuse was so bad that we couldn’t even wait until a scheduling block tool was available and we had to do it the quick and dirty way with the same lack of respect y’all showed by refusing to control yourselves and use it at more appropriate times.

Let’s see your happy middle when the Internet is too slow to use Google Docs because those who would rather watch YouTube or download music or game emulators are hogging it all up.

So go ahead and look for a way around it if you want an express ticket to AEP – with a short stop at ISS if you’re lucky. Everyone has been told what the reward is for hacking or bybassing network and computer filters and rules. Just ask those who already found out the hard way.

So the truth is you aren’t really happy in the middle, but if I’m wrong, give me your constructive suggestions for how we can do this better. Just don’t forget what these netbooks are for and why the school board spent all that money to put one in your hands.

Big Friday Night

by Coy Holcombe.  

Volleyball – Our Bulldog volleyball teams will be hosting Kemp tonight starting at 5:00. The varsity volleyball team is undefeated in district play (8-0). In addition to the volleyball competition, Kemp and Eustace are also competing in the Dig Pink fund raiser for breast cancer. I encourage everyone to come out to support our volleyball teams and to support the fund raiser for breast cancer.

Football – Our Bulldog varsity football team will also be hosting Kemp tonight. Kickoff is set for 7:30. Currently, the Bulldogs are 2-0 in district play. Tonight’s game is a key game in district play and will have playoff implications. Please come out and support our Bulldogs tonight.

In addition to seeing a great football game, fans will also be treated to the Mighty Bulldog Marching Band and get to see the Bulldog Cheerleaders (which happens to be the best cheerleading squad in the area).

The support from the fans makes a difference both in the gym and on the football field. Come out early to support the volleyball team and stay to support the football team, band, and cheerleaders. You do make a difference!! If you can’t make it to the game tonight, check our homepage for Twitter updates of the scores.

Marching Contest – The UIL marching contest was postponed until Monday, October 26, due to bad weather. The Bulldog Band will be performing at 4:15 at Mesquite Memorial Stadium. I encourage everyone to make plans to be in Mesquite to support our Bulldog Band.

District Cross Country – The district cross country meet was originally scheduled for Monday. Due to the band contest being postponed, the district cross country meet has been moved to Wednesday, October 28. The meet will be held at the 4 Pines Ranch just outside of Eustace. More information next week on this event.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Changes at HCSSA

by Coy Holcombe.  

There will be changes coming for the 2010-2011 school year at the Henderson County Shared Services Arrangement (HCSSA). The HCSSA is the special education co-op that EISD is a member. Currently there are six other districts that are also members of the HCSSA: Brownsboro, Malakoff, Cross Roads, Trinidad, Murchison, and La Poyner. Recently, Brownsboro has announced their intention of pulling out of the co-op starting with the 2010-2011 school year. So, what impact will that have on the other districts and in particular EISD?

Overall, the impact will be minimal. The co-op will continue without Brownsboro. All the current services will continue and we are not looking at increased costs for EISD. In fact, in a preliminary budget for 2010-2011, the costs will actually decrease for EISD. 

Since EISD will now be the biggest member of the co-op, we have been asked to serve as fiscal agent for the co-op. Currently, Brownsboro is the fiscal agent. The fiscal agent serves the function of paying the bills for the co-op, taking care of the payroll for the co-op, and having all of the official business handled through the school board of the fiscal agent. However, there would be no increased cost to our district for serving as fiscal agent. The money for sustaining the co-op would flow through our district, but there would be no additional expenditure of local funds for EISD. In fact, the co-op would pay EISD to be the fiscal agent. The EISD Board of Trustees must officially approve being the fiscal agent. That topic will be discussed at a called board meeting on Monday, October 26. The called meeting is scheduled to start at 7:00 AM and will take place in the conference room at the administration building. 

As things are decided about how the new co-op will look, I will pass that information along to you. If you have any questions concerning this, or any other topic, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Volleyball and Board Meeting

by Coy Holcombe.  

Congratulations to the varsity volleyball on their victory against Van last night. The win pushes their record to 8-0 in district. All three volleyball teams will be in action on Friday against Kemp.

The EISD Board of Trustees held their monthly meeting last night in the High School library. The Board heard reports on various events and took action on several items.

Reports given to the Board:
  • Video Presentation by Lisa Roberts and students of the REACH Program.
  • Financial Reports
  • PaySchools activity for September
  • Playground enhancements for the Primary
  • Update on federal funding
  • Evaluations of the 08-09 campus improvement plans
  • Special education numbers for 08-09 and 09-10
  • Update on payments from the state for 09-10
  • Update on Student Success Initiative
  • Property value in Henderson County
  • TELPAS scores
  • Update on Henderson County Shared Services Arrangement
  • First reading of Policy Update 86
  • Update on enrollment and attendance
Actions Taken by the Board:
  • Approved campus improvement plans for 09-10
  • Approved members of the Health Advisory Committee
  • Approved members of the attendance committees for 09-10
  • Approved grading guidelines for 09-10
  • Cast votes for Van Zandt County Appraisal District members
  • Employed Katherine Belcher in food service
  • Employed Elane Lewis in transportation
  • Approved the substitute list as presented
  • Adjourned 

Board Meeting Tonight

by Coy Holcombe.  

Tonight the Eustace ISD Board of Trustees will meet for their regular monthly meeting. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM and be held in the High School library. The agenda for tonight’s meeting includes:

  • Presentation from students at REACH Program.
  • Financial reports
  • General reports
    • PaySchools report
    • Playground enhancements at Primary
    • Update on federal funding
    • Evaluations of 08-09 campus improvement plans
    • Number of special education student comparison between 08-09 and current
    • Student Success Initiative
    • Property Value Report
  • Consider approval of Campus Improvement Plans for 09-10
  • TELPAS Report
  • Report on Henderson County Shared Services Arrangement
  • Consider Health Advisory Committee Members
  • Consider Attendance Committees
  • Consider Grading Guidelines
  • Consider votes for Van Zandt County Appraisal District
  • Consider Policy Update 86 (First Reading)
  • Update on enrollment and attendance
  • Closed Meeting – Personnel
  • Action on Closed Meeting Items
  • Adjourn

I encourage anyone that is interested to attend tonight’s meeting.

Also, a reminder that our volleyball teams will be traveling to Van in for an important district game tonight. I know that the volleyball teams would appreciate all the support possible.

Big Wins on Friday and This Week's Activities

by Coy Holcombe.  

Both the volleyball team and football team posted big district wins Friday night in Canton. The volleyball team swept Canton 3-0 to remain undefeated in district play. Tuesday, the volleyball teams travel to Van for another important district contest.

The football team beat Canton 68-53. This win puts our football team at 2-0 in district play. The Bulldogs will be hosting Kemp this Friday in an important district match-up.

Congratulations to the band and cheerleaders for their performances Friday night.. A special thank you goes out to all the fans that made the trip to Canton to support the volleyball team and the football team. You really make a difference!!

Also, congratulations to the cross country coaching staff (Josh Sypert and Gene Meyers) and all the volunteers that helped in organizing and running the Eustace Cross Country meet on Saturday. What started as a small warm-up meet for district turned into a full cross country meet with teams from all over the area competing. To make it even better, our teams finished strong in the final meet before district.

This week’s activities include:

All Smiles dental service will be in our district.
Band practice from 7 – 9 PM.
MS volleyball at Van – 4:30
Exit Level TAKS Retests
VB at Van
Board Meeting – 7:00 PM, High School Library
Exit Level TAKS Retests
UIL Marching Contest – Bulldog band marches at 4:00 PM
Exit Level TAKS Retests
7th & 8th grade football vs. Kemp
JV football at Kemp
Exit Level TAKS Retests
Pep Rally
VB vs. Kemp
Football vs. Kemp