Netbooks in the Un-Happy Middle

by Rusty Meyners.  

My response to the student who felt the netbooks were useless because of the blocks and filters, and asked why there couldn’t be a "happy middle".

You don’t really want a happy middle – you want everything your way. This is school and it’s always been that way. If you wanted a happy middle, you would be thanking me for scheduling the blocks for the school hours and leaving you more freedom before and after. In return you would be using the laptop for school work and not abuse it when you are supposed to be paying attention.

Where was the happy middle when I originally left Skype on the netbooks and trusted y’all to be responsible with it? The abuse was so bad that we couldn’t even wait until a scheduling block tool was available and we had to do it the quick and dirty way with the same lack of respect y’all showed by refusing to control yourselves and use it at more appropriate times.

Let’s see your happy middle when the Internet is too slow to use Google Docs because those who would rather watch YouTube or download music or game emulators are hogging it all up.

So go ahead and look for a way around it if you want an express ticket to AEP – with a short stop at ISS if you’re lucky. Everyone has been told what the reward is for hacking or bybassing network and computer filters and rules. Just ask those who already found out the hard way.

So the truth is you aren’t really happy in the middle, but if I’m wrong, give me your constructive suggestions for how we can do this better. Just don’t forget what these netbooks are for and why the school board spent all that money to put one in your hands.

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