Outstanding Performance in Horrible Conditions

by Coy Holcombe.  

In football, it is a given that some games will be played in less than ideal weather conditions. The same thing can be said about soccer and to a lesser extent about baseball and softball. Yesterday, our band performed in the UIL Marching Contest in weather that was beyond bad.

When I first arrived in Mesquite, the weather was okay. It was drizzling slightly and the wind, while gusty at times, was not overly strong. The Bulldog Band was scheduled to perform at 4:15. During the performance of the band immediately preceding Eustace, the weather took a turn for the worse. The drizzle changed to a full rain and the wind became very gusty.

When the EHS band took the field, the rain was coming down harder and it was being blown by 20-25 mph winds. During the entire performance of the EHS band, the weather conditions were just dreadful. If it had been a baseball or softball game, the umpires would have stopped play for the weather. Our young men and young ladies never faltered! They put on a show that was unbelievable given the conditions in which they were performing.

I want to congratulate each member of the band for their performance yesterday. The band ended up with a second division rating, but everyone in the EISD should be proud of their performance. A special thank you goes to Todd Felty, band director, and Jim Taylor, assistant band director, for preparing these young men and young ladies so well. Also, a special thank you goes to all the parents that braved the conditions to support the band. It truly was a performance to remember!


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