Bi-District Football and By the Numbers, Part 2

by Coy Holcombe.  

Tonight our football team travels to Mesquite to take on Famersville in a bi-district championship game. Kickoff is set for 7:30. The game will be played at Hanby Stadium in Mesquite. The stadium is located at 410 E. Davis 75149. Looking at a map of the location, the basic directions are to take 635 to Military Parkway and turn right on Military Parkway. I encourage everyone to make the drive up to Mesquite and show your support for our football team, band, and cheerleaders.


Yesterday, we looked at the attendance numbers through the second six weeks. Below are the funding numbers based on those attendance numbers:

                                                          Earned             Budget

Reg Block $6,552,365 $6,642,593 -$90,228
SE $987,722 $1,114,165 -$126,443
CATE $522,109 $555,181 -$33,072
GT $40,098 $43,655 -$3,557
Comp $1,059,831 $1,042,648 $17,183
High School Allotment $115,346 $116,765 -$1,419
Bilingual $5,503 $5,229 $274
Trans $139,400 $139,400 $0
Total Tier I $9,422,374 $9,659,636 -$237,262
Less Local $4,589,175 $4,558,008 $31,167
Tier I $4,833,199 $5,101,628 -$268,429
Tier II $427,918 $453,217 -$25,299
Staff Allotment $50,500 $50,500 $0
  $5,311,617 $5,605,345 -$293,728
Less Available $369,292 $369,292 $0
Less Title XIV $248,624 $248,624 $0
Total Foundation School Fund $4,693,701 $4,987,429 -$293,728

As you can see, we are currently earning a little under $300,000 less than what was budgeted. The majority of this difference comes from our lower ADA and our lower special education FTEs. Even though we were only a few FTEs below what was budgeted in special education, this affects our special education funding more than being almost 30 below in ADA. The lower ADA is reflected in the row "Reg Block". Our lower ADA and lower special education FTEs also affects the amount of money that our district earns in Tier II.

Right now, we have made budget adjustments to offset all but about $70.000 of this shortfall. I am hopeful that our enrollment will show an increase over the next several months and that the reminding shortfall will be absorbed by this increase in enrollment. If not, further cuts will have to be made in the budget.

As always, if you have any questions regarding our enrollment, attendance, or state funding, please do not hesitate to contact me at



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