All-District Football & Food Service Audit

by Coy Holcombe.  

The All-District football selections have been released. As you can see below, our Bulldogs were well represented:


Eustace Bulldogs 14 – 3A All District Selections:



    –  Nick Dunlap  – T

    –  Owen Babcock – C

    –  Chris Compton – QB

    –  Joseph Bradburn – RB

    –  Trevan Johnson – RB

    –  Justin Calhoun – FB (unanimous)



    –  Shawn Baldwin – TE

    –  Dillon Yates – T

    –  Justin Hall  – Rec.



    –  Cody Folsom – DE

    –  Blake Ward – LB

    –  Jacob McCater – S

    –  Skylar Johnston – C


Honorable Mentions:

    Zach Bennett – Kicker

    Jacob Petillo – LB

    Tanner Thompson – OL

    Tony Alfaro – OL

    Blake Hammonds – LB

On a different note, our food service department was audited yesterday by a representative of the Texas Department of Agriculture. This audit is different from the financial audit that we have done every year. These food service audits occur about every 4-5 years and look at many different aspects of the food service department. Included in this review are the areas of counting and claiming, eligibility certification, benefit issuance/updating eligibility, meal components/menu items, financial, Texas Public School Nutrition Policy, free and reduced prices process, verification, meal patterns, compliance, monitoring responsibilities, the district’s wellness plan, and food safety sanitation. As you can imagine, the process of review is fairly lengthy. The representative from Agricultural Department arrived at around 8:15 AM yesterday and stayed until about 3:15 PM. During this time, the representative reviewed relevant paper work and observe the meal preparation and serving at the Middle School.

In the review document, there are literally dozens and dozens of items that are documented and/or observed. Of all of these items, our food service department received notes on only two. Both items are easily correctable. One was not charging  enough for adult breakfasts. Yes, unfortunately, we are going to have to increase our adult breakfast price. The second was not having our latest health inspection document on public display. We had the document posted in the kitchen area, but it needs to be posted in the serving area of the cafeteria. The representative noted that it was not uncommon for districts to have pages of items that needed correction: we had only two items in all. 

I want to commend the personnel that had a part in making this review so successful: Rosemary Abbott, food service director; Tracy McPherson, food service secretary, Carolyn Davis, cafeteria manager at the Middle School, and the other cafeteria staff members at the Middle School. Great job ladies!!


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