Bad Weather Information

by Coy Holcombe.  

With the winter weather season arriving, I want to take this opportunity to review our procedures for delays and closings. First, the foremost factor in deciding whether to delay or cancel school is the safety of the students, parents, and staff. Henry Carter, director of transportation, and myself will be out on the roads early if there is a threat of bad weather. We will make our decision based on first hand observations of the road conditions.

If a decision is made to delay or cancel school, we will notify TV and radio stations immediately. I would recommend listening to KCKL (95.9 FM) for the latest information on school closings. We will also notify other media outlets (WBAP 820 AM, Channel 5 and Channel 8 in Dallas) about closing information. We will post a notice on our website as soon as a decision is made to close or delay. I will also post on Twitter as soon as a decision is made.

Because winter weather can do strange things, it has been the case when neighboring schools had to delay or cancel, but EISD did not. Please be assured that if this happens, it is because we have driven the roads in our district and do not see a threat to safety. Also, it may be that EISD is the only district around that has delayed or canceled. If this is the case, you can be sure that we have found evidence on the roads that our students and adults may be in danger by traveling on the roads.

If you have any questions regarding winter weather and our procedures for delaying or closing school, please contact me at


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