Part II

by Stan Sowers.  

We have the 1st semester behind us and we’re now underway with the 2nd.  This week we spent benchmarking to see where each student stands in relation to passing their upcoming TAKS exams.  The results of the exams will not only inform teachers and students of weaknesses that need addressed, but will determine attendance on Flex Days.  This year we offered more incentives to the students with hope to get greater effort.  For each benchmark passed a student will get his/her name in a hat.  Two names from each grade level will be drawn and recieve a $50.00 gift card.  Along with this a student will be able to exempt 1 Flex day if they pass 3 of the four tests.  In the past if they failed only 1 they had to attend all 4 Flex days.

As I mentioned to the students in our general session the first day back, I thought we had a great 1st semester but I’m looking for an even better 2nd.  They should have high expectations of us and of themselves.  Together we’ll be successful.


Bulldog Proud

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