20009 Final Property Values

by Coy Holcombe.  

We recently received the 2009 final property tax values from the comptroller’s office. The property tax values directly affect how much state aid our district receives. While we collect taxes on the 2010 tax roles, the 2009 final values are also used to determine how much state aid we receive in certain categories. 

EISD is considered a split district with respect to property values because we have property in Henderson County and Van Zandt County. The district does not have much property in Van Zandt, but even one parcel would be enough for the district to be split. 

Below are the final 2009 property values compared with the final 2008 property values:

2009 – $498,328,547
2008 – $474,725,845
Difference – $23,602,702
This represents about a 5% increase from 2008. Overall, this is one of the smallest increases in recent years. There have been years in which our percentage increase was greater than 10%.
Overall, our total values for 2009 were $616,172,207. There were $120,792,317 in deductions.


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