District Meetings

by Coy Holcombe.  

Yesterday, we had organizational meetings for our new football district and our new basketball district. Both meetings went well and we feel fortunate to be in districts with schools that are easy to work with and understand that our main focus is on the overall education of our students.

I know that there will be many things that are different in our move to 2A. One of the major differences will be the amount of travel necessary in our new basketball district. We looked at several different options to alleviate the issue of middle school travel during the week. Among the options considered were zone play (where you played only the schools closest to you) and playing everyone only once with a district tournament at the end. Malakoff, which was elected district chairman, is going to put together a schedule with a combination of these alternatives built in for the schools to consider.

In looking at our travel distance overall, for both high school and middle school, the mileage traveled in this district will be less than in other districts in our area. The main reason is that Malakoff is in our current district. If we had looked to appeal our district placement, then we would have lost Malakoff and would have replaced it with another school that was further away. So, while the greatest distance we would have traveled might have shortened by a few miles, the shortest distance we traveled would have increased by at least 20 miles.

As we receive more information, I will pass that on in future posts.

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