State Tax Rates

by Coy Holcombe.  

Attached to this blog is file that has the tax rates of all school districts in the state. EISD’s tax rate is found on page 14 of the report. Our overall tax rate is $1.258. There are a number of districts below this overall total and there are a number of districts above this total.

In the report, you will notice that the tax rate is listed by M & O, I & S, and total. The M & O rate is the rate used to generate revenue for the day to day operations of the district. The I & S rate is used to pay for voter approved bonds. Not all districts will have an I & S rate.

Also, you will notice that a number of districts have a $1.04 M & O rate. Based on current law, this is the highest M & O rate allowed without a tax rate election. Districts that have an M & O rate above $1.04 have either passed a tax rate election or have a special circumstance (such as disaster declaration).

As always, EISD strives to maximize our state funding while keeping our local taxes at the lowest rate possible. If you have any questions on this report or EISD’s tax rate, please contact me at

Special thanks to Joe Smith, Region 7, for compiling this information.

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