NCLB Report Card

by Coy Holcombe.  

A new federal requirement for schools is to provide parents with a No Child Left Behind Report Card. This report card compares the performance on the TAKS test with the performance from the previous year overall and for multiple subgroups. In addition, it also identifies what percent of students were tested, the percent that scored at the proficient level and the percent that scored at the advanced level. The percent not meeting the minimum standard is also presented. The report card includes the percent meeting the minimum standard at the overall state level.

The same information is included in the states AEIS report and state School Report Card. The difference in the NCLB Report Card is that information from both sources are put together in one report. The current report card for EISD is attached to this post. At the federal level, 9th grade is not included as a reporting grade (it is at the state level). That is why there is no 9th grade information.

In looking at the NCLB Report Card, it is obvious that there are areas that need improvement. There are also many strong areas throughout the district. Parents will be notified of this report card from the campuses. The NCLB Reort card will be posted on our website. If you have any questions or comments about the NCLB Report Card, please email me at


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