More FFA Accomplishments

by Coy Holcombe.  

Another update from our FFA chapter. Thanks to Zach Tappan and Theresa Tindel for the information.

Another outstanding representation by the members of the Eustace FFA chapter. While at the San Antonio Livestock Show Brady Tindel, Billy Crocker, Ethan Grimes, Mallory Mobly, Chad Tindel, and Samantha Crocker were all shown in great light as they exhibited their animals at a high level. As stated before it is a large accomplishment to have all of the heifers that any FFA chapter hauls to a Major livestock show place in the top 10…… All but one of the heifers exhibited by our members landed in the top 10. It was truly a pleasure and honor to be associated with these fine young men and women as they exhibited their cattle at such a high level. They are the epitome of PRIDE!  Each of these students deserves a huge congratulations personally. Please take the time to offer them a word of praise.

Brady Tindel – 2nd place Braford heifer out of 6 and Reserve Grand Champion Senior Heifer

Chad Tindel – 1st place Braford heifer out of 3

Billy Crocker – 2nd place Brahman heifer out of 20 (2nd behind the Overall Brahman Reserve Grand Champion)

Ethan Grimes – 5th place Brahman heifer out of 20

Mallory Mobly – 7th place Simbrah heifer our of 14 in the Simbrah SuperBowl and 6th place out of 20 in regular class

Samantha Corcker – 14th out of 30 Beefmaster heifer

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