Pre-K Grant

by Coy Holcombe.  

In January, we received notification from TEA that we had earned all of our Pre-K grant money for 08-09. In February, we received a fax from TEA stating that we now owed a refund of about $6,000 because we had not earned all the money. A school district "earns" the money by the ADA that is generated in the pre-k grades. Pre-K is still funded by the state on a half-day basis. In other words, we basically get credit for half of the ADA generated in this program. The other half is funded through the Pre-K Grant Program. 

An issue that we are working with TEA on is how the ADA is calculated for this program. It is not obvious from data submitted to TEA how they arrived at the ADA number they used in our reconciliation report. However, after contacting TEA, no one that I have talked with can tell me how the calculations are done. This is disturbing because even a change of .5 ADA could mean the difference between a $6,000 refund and a $4,000 refund. We will continue to work with TEA to fully understand how they arrived at their numbers.


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