Roland's Team

by Coy Holcombe.  

I received an email from Holly Bailey yesterday concerning the recent MDA fund raiser that was held at all campuses in EISD. Roland’s Team raised a total of $2,667 for MDA. The majority of that money was raised at EISD. Roland’s Team won 3rd place in the amount of money raised and will receive $200 from Sonic for their efforts. Below is a breakdown of the amount raised by campus:

     High School – $1175
     Middle School – $250
     Intermediate School – $607
     Primary School – $350
     Other contributers – $285


Thanks to all the campuses, staff members, students, parents, and community members for participating in this fund raiser for Roland and MDA.



NCLB Report Card

by Coy Holcombe.  

A new federal requirement for schools is to provide parents with a No Child Left Behind Report Card. This report card compares the performance on the TAKS test with the performance from the previous year overall and for multiple subgroups. In addition, it also identifies what percent of students were tested, the percent that scored at the proficient level and the percent that scored at the advanced level. The percent not meeting the minimum standard is also presented. The report card includes the percent meeting the minimum standard at the overall state level.

The same information is included in the states AEIS report and state School Report Card. The difference in the NCLB Report Card is that information from both sources are put together in one report. The current report card for EISD is attached to this post. At the federal level, 9th grade is not included as a reporting grade (it is at the state level). That is why there is no 9th grade information.

In looking at the NCLB Report Card, it is obvious that there are areas that need improvement. There are also many strong areas throughout the district. Parents will be notified of this report card from the campuses. The NCLB Reort card will be posted on our website. If you have any questions or comments about the NCLB Report Card, please email me at


More FFA Accomplishments and Activities this Week

by Coy Holcombe.  

Our FFA students continue with their success. This time in the calf scramble at the Ft. Worth Rodeo. Below is an account of the accomplishments written by our FFA sponsors Zach Tappan and Theresa Tindel:

This past Saturday at the Ft. Worth Rodeo Brady Tindel, Ethan Grimes, and Logan Grimes each competed in the Calf Scramble performance of the Rodeo. With an entertaining scramble and countless tails caught, hoofs hit, and halters thrown. Brady Tindel and Ethan Grimes were victorious in catching , haltering, and dragging their calves into the large Ft. Worth arena. By doing so these two were awarded a $500 cash value certificate to be used in the purchase of a registered show heifer for the 2010-2011 show season.  Logan Grimes didn’t catch a calf but was awarded a free pair of Justin boots for his efforts.

These three will be competing again at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo giving them a chance for $1500 more to be used towards the purchase of their show heifer for the 2010-2011 show season.

Other upcoming events:

Tonight – boys and girls basketball travel to Van. Tip off at 4:30. This is the girls last district game. Soccer will be home taking on Whitehouse. Games start at 5:30.

Thursday – MS boys basketball travels to Mineola. Games will start at 5:00.

Friday – Boys basketball at home against Mineola; Boys and girls soccer at home against Mabank – 5: 30. Softball scrimmage at home against Kerens.

Saturday – Softball scrimmage at Kerens – 12:00


Way to Go Band!!

by Coy Holcombe.  

Below is a summary of how our band members did at the Region 3 Solo and Ensemble Contest held this last Saturday. Special thanks to band director Todd Felty for the information. As you can see, our band members did an awesome job! Congratulations to everyone!    


Twenty five band students participated in the Region 3 Solo & Ensemble competition in North Garland, this past Saturday with many qualifying for the State competition to be held in May on Memorial Day at Hendrickson HS in Austin. Nineteen students brought home twenty-two 1st division Blue ribbons for Class 1 ensembles and one 1st division Red ribbon for a Class 2 solo. Each student has worked on their own with little instruction to achieve these ratings. The solo and ensemble competition is divided into three Classifications with a Class 1 being music on a college level of difficulty. Solos and ensembles must be Class 1 and achieve a 1st division rating in order to qualify for State competition. 


Ensembles receiving 1st division ratings and qualifying for State were:


The Flute Trio  “Hook Sonata #2”     Hook


Nicole Anderson, Lilly Foster, Lynde Frazier


The Brass Quintet        "Just for Show"     Neihaus


Cade Anthony, Nathan Bennett, Joshua Felty, Randal Roberts, and Alex Pharmakis


 The Percussion Ensemble    " Metric Lips"          Fleck


Chris Almand, Nicole Ballenger, Cody Marple and Nathan Taft and


The Percussion Ensemble  “If You Please”    Douthit


Chris Almand, Nicole Ballenger, Tori Bynum, Taylor Davis, Jacob Felty,  Hanna Foster, Nic Hairl, James Hampton, Cody Marple, and Nathan Taft


Flute Soloist Taylor Cranford achieved a 1st division rating on a Class 2 solo.


Tuba soloist Colton Hughes received a 3rd division rating on a Class 2 solo.


The Saxophone Quartet  Ensemble "Sinfonia #3"    Bach received a 2nd division rating on a Class 1. 


Tyler Barrett, Taylor Davis Hubert Lowry and Travis Meeks


 The Clarinet Quartet     “Canzonetta”      Mendelssohn received a 3rd division rating on a Class 1. 


Megan Bell, Andrea Foster, Hubert Lowry, and Nancy Murff


Please congratulate these students when you see them.


State Tax Rates

by Coy Holcombe.  

Attached to this blog is file that has the tax rates of all school districts in the state. EISD’s tax rate is found on page 14 of the report. Our overall tax rate is $1.258. There are a number of districts below this overall total and there are a number of districts above this total.

In the report, you will notice that the tax rate is listed by M & O, I & S, and total. The M & O rate is the rate used to generate revenue for the day to day operations of the district. The I & S rate is used to pay for voter approved bonds. Not all districts will have an I & S rate.

Also, you will notice that a number of districts have a $1.04 M & O rate. Based on current law, this is the highest M & O rate allowed without a tax rate election. Districts that have an M & O rate above $1.04 have either passed a tax rate election or have a special circumstance (such as disaster declaration).

As always, EISD strives to maximize our state funding while keeping our local taxes at the lowest rate possible. If you have any questions on this report or EISD’s tax rate, please contact me at

Special thanks to Joe Smith, Region 7, for compiling this information.

District Meetings

by Coy Holcombe.  

Yesterday, we had organizational meetings for our new football district and our new basketball district. Both meetings went well and we feel fortunate to be in districts with schools that are easy to work with and understand that our main focus is on the overall education of our students.

I know that there will be many things that are different in our move to 2A. One of the major differences will be the amount of travel necessary in our new basketball district. We looked at several different options to alleviate the issue of middle school travel during the week. Among the options considered were zone play (where you played only the schools closest to you) and playing everyone only once with a district tournament at the end. Malakoff, which was elected district chairman, is going to put together a schedule with a combination of these alternatives built in for the schools to consider.

In looking at our travel distance overall, for both high school and middle school, the mileage traveled in this district will be less than in other districts in our area. The main reason is that Malakoff is in our current district. If we had looked to appeal our district placement, then we would have lost Malakoff and would have replaced it with another school that was further away. So, while the greatest distance we would have traveled might have shortened by a few miles, the shortest distance we traveled would have increased by at least 20 miles.

As we receive more information, I will pass that on in future posts.

20009 Final Property Values

by Coy Holcombe.  

We recently received the 2009 final property tax values from the comptroller’s office. The property tax values directly affect how much state aid our district receives. While we collect taxes on the 2010 tax roles, the 2009 final values are also used to determine how much state aid we receive in certain categories. 

EISD is considered a split district with respect to property values because we have property in Henderson County and Van Zandt County. The district does not have much property in Van Zandt, but even one parcel would be enough for the district to be split. 

Below are the final 2009 property values compared with the final 2008 property values:

2009 – $498,328,547
2008 – $474,725,845
Difference – $23,602,702
This represents about a 5% increase from 2008. Overall, this is one of the smallest increases in recent years. There have been years in which our percentage increase was greater than 10%.
Overall, our total values for 2009 were $616,172,207. There were $120,792,317 in deductions.


Realignment and FFA News

by Coy Holcombe.  

For anyone that has not heard, Eustace will compete in conference 2A for the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 school years. Because of the way the football districts are done in 2A, we will not have the same football and basketball districts. Volleyball, baseball, softball, cross country, and track districts will be released at a later date.

For football, we will compete in District 6. This district consists of Dallas Life Oak Cliff, Eustace, Grandview, Maypearl, Palmer, and Sunnyvale.

For basketball, we will compete in District 14. This district consists of Blooming Grove, Buffalo, Corsicana Mildred, Eustace, Jewett Leon, Malakoff, and Teague.

Other information will be passed on when released by the UIL.

On another note, the Eustace FFA Show Team recently had further success at the Fort Worth Stock Show. Below is an account written by Zach Tappan and Theresa Tindel:

The Eustace FFA Show Team had another great year competing in the Market Goat Show at the Fort Worth Stock Show.  Seven members attended with four making the top 20 in class.  Ft. Worth hosts around 1000 head of market goats making each class average close to 70 head per class.  Making the top twenty is great considering there are so many goats to compete against. Chad Tindel placed 8th, Mallory Mobly placed 11th, Brady Tindel placed 17th and Serina Kyle placed 20th.  Corey Smitherman, Courtney Calvin and Kylan Jock competed as well.  Please congratulate these students for their efforts and accomplishments

This Week and Mid-Winter Notes

by Coy Holcombe.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend. The activities for this week include:

Monday – UIL realignment announced at 9:00 AM. Tweets will be sent out when we know the results. Check our homepage for updates.

Tuesday – HS basketball at Kemp; Soccer vs Quinlan; Softball scrimmage at Malakoff

Thursday – MS basketball – Girls at Van, boys host Van – games start at 5:00

Friday –  FFA blood drive; HS Basketball hosts Wills Point; Soccer vs. Lindale; Softball Scrimmage at Rains

Saturday – UIL Solo & Ensemble

One of the speakers that I heard at Mid-Winter was Dr. Raymund Paredes, Texas Higher Education Commissioner, who spoke on improving postsecondary readiness. Below are some of the points from his speech:

  • One of the major obstacles is that K-12 has a different set of expectations than higher education.
  • College and Career Readiness Standards are being developed. Once they are finished, they need to be adopted by local boards, implemented by local districts, and curriculum needs to be aligned.
  • Between 20% & 25% of high demand jobs don’t even exist yet.
  • Students in high school today will change careers about 4 times during their life (not jobs, but careers).
  • 60%-90% of high paying/high demand jobs will require some type of postsecondary preparation.
  • There is a need for development of more dual credit courses. These courses must be at the level of a college course.
  • Key areas that need to be addressed
    • Implement college readiness standards and use models for cooperation between K-12 and higher education. The key is faculty talking with one another.
    • Preparation of teachers – best universities train the fewest teachers
    • Remedial and developmental education – students that start or fall behind almost never catch up; if you have to take a developmental math class in college, you have an 11% chance of ever passing the credit level math course with a grade of C or better.