FFA – Houston and Henderson County

by Coy Holcombe.  

Results of the Houston Livestock Show:

The Eustace FFA had an outstanding Houston Livestock Show. In addition to the outcome of Brady Tindel placing 2nd in his lightweight AOB class and selling for $6500; the Eustace FFA heifers as well as the Ag Mechanics projects stood high in their categories as well.

As stated earlier this year it is a large accomplishment to get all of a chapter’s projects into the top 10. Eustace FFA is raising the bar. ALL PROJECTS EXHIBITED AT HLSR PLACED IN THE TOP 3 OF THEIR CLASS!!!!!

Billy Crocker – 1st place Brahman heifer out of 25
Ethan Grimes – 2nd place Brahman heifer out of 25
Samantha Crocker – 3rd place Beefmaster heifer out of 21
Ag Mechanics:
Ty Browning, Nick Austin, & Austin Pogue – Blue Ribbon (10’ Tilting Utility trailer)
Logan Grimes – Blue Ribbon (3 Saddle Rack)
Ethan Grimes, Billy Crocker, Tony Alfaro, & Michael James – Blue Ribbon and 2nd in Division (25’ Gooseneck Lowboy trailer)
These students will receive premium money as well as receiving approximately $3000 in prizes.
Results of the Henderson County Livestock Show:

Horse Speed Events:

Shona Laws – Participated

Haltered Horse:
Summer Hinkle – 7th place
Shona Laws – 8th place
Western Pleasure :
Summer Hinkle – 4th place
Shona Laws – 6th place
Breeding Rabbits:
Taylor Rhoades – Reserve Grand Champion Holland Lop, 1st , 2nd
Ashley Lasiter – 4th place Holland Lop
Summer Hinkle – 1st place Holland Lop
Kara Zimmerer – 3rd place Holland Lop
Shelby Stegent – 1st place PolishSeth Purselley – 5th place All other Breeds
Breeding Goats:
Mallory Mobly – Reserve Grand Champion Overall, 1st & 2nd in class, & 2nd overall in Showmanship
Market Goats:
Mallory Mobly – Reserve Grand Champion Overall, 1st & 4th in class, and Senior Showmanship Grand Champion
Brady Tindel – 1st & 3rd in class
Chad Tindel – 2nd & 3rd in class and Junior Showmanship Grand Champion
Cory Smitherman – 1st & 9th in class
Kylan Jock – 6th & 9th in class
Serina Kyle – 3rd in class
Courtney Calvin – 9th in class
Youth Project Show:
Al Ham – 1st place in Preserves & 1st place in Floral Plants
Market Broilers:
Dillion Gragsone – participated
Breeding Poultry:
Chad Tindel – Grand Champion Overall Small Fowl
Brady Tindel – Reserve Grand Champion Large Fowl
Brady Tindel – 6th place in class and 4th place in showmanship
Mallory Mobly – 10th place
Billy Crocker – 2nd place Brahman Heifer, Reserve Grand Champion Brahman, & Senior Showmanship Grand Champion
Ethan Grimes – 1st place Brahman Heifer
Samantha Crocker – 2nd place Beefmaster Heifer, Reserve Grand Champion Beefmanster heifer
Lane Smith – 3rd place Brahman Heifer
Brady Tindel – 2nd place Braford Heifer
Chad Tindel – 1st place Braford Heifer
Cody Roberts – 5th out of 31 Lightweight Market Hampshire
Lane Smith – 4th out of 11 Middleweight Market Duroc
Natalie Bonner – Participated with her Yorkshire
Kade Graham – Participated with his Hampshire
Ag Mechanics:
Billy Crocker, Ethan Grimes, Michael James, & Tony Alfaro – 1st in class of 13 and Grand Champion overall
Nathan Stegent & Harley Feltman – 4th place ornamental gate
Ty Browning, Nick Austin, & Austin Pogue – 6th in class of 13
Logan Grimes – participated with his 3 Saddle Rack

The students of Eustace did an exceptional job in all aspects of the HCLS. In conclusion, total market sales were $12,452, 6 Belt Buckles were won, 8 Rosettes earned, and one Custom Level was won.  For the 4th year Eustace was awarded the Good Herdsman award of $100.

Special thanks to Zach Tappan and Theresa Tindel for supplying this information and for all the work they put into making this a great year in FFA.


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