Preliminary TAKS Scores for 5th & 8th

by Coy Holcombe.  

We have recently received our preliminary TAKS scores for 5th grade and 8th grade. These grades take portions of their TAKS earlier than other grades because these grades receive up to three opportunities to pass their TAKS tests in reading and math. The reason for the three chances is that promotion to the next grade level in grades 5 and 8 is dependent on students passing the math and reading portion of the TAKS. Students that do not pass the first time are provided intense, accelerated instruction to focus on the areas of need.

The preliminary scores are as follows:

5th grade math – 86%

5th grade reading – 86%

8th grade math – 91%

8th grade reading – 97%

Students that pass the second administration of the math and reading portions are counted as passing in the overall percent; so, these numbers will increase after the second administration of the test.

A reminder that the Bulldog baseball team will be playing against Wills Point tonight at 6:30 (weather permitting). The game will be played in Canton.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

By the Numbers, End of 5th 6 Weeks

by Coy Holcombe.  

 Below are the attendance and budget numbers through the end of the 5th 6 weeks. Our drop in enrollment not only affects our ADA, but as is evident, it affects other components that drive our funding. The good news is that our enrollment has actually increased since February. If we can keep our current enrollment figures, or add even more students through the end of the year, our ADA should increase slightly. This will increase our state funding.

As for the deficit, about 90% of the deficit has been made up through budget adjustments. I am hopeful that the remaining 10% will be made up by decreased spending through the end of this school year.If you have any questions regarding any of the numbers below, or regarding any aspect of the budget, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Budget v. Earned End of 5th 6 Weeks      
  Earned (Est.) Budget Earned v. Budget
ADA 1373.7415 1415 -41.2585
High School ADA 409.85 424.6 -14.75
SE FTE 45.3811 52.466 -7.0849
Mainstream ADA 47.418 50.272 -2.854
CATE 63.4178 79.437 -16.0192
GT Students 66.6 81.67 -15.07
Comp 1023.2 1007 16.2
Bilingual 10.36 10.1 0.26
Reg Block $6,551,138 $6,642,593 -$91,455
SE $984,365 $1,114,165 -$129,800
CATE $443,395 $555,181 -$111,786
GT $41,093 $43,655 -$2,562
Comp $1,059,831 $1,042,648 $17,183
High School Allotment $112,708 $116,765 -$4,057
Bilingual $5,695 $5,229 $466
Trans $139,400 $139,400 $0
Total Tier I $9,337,625 $9,659,636 -$322,011
Less Local $4,589,175 $4,558,008 $31,167
Tier I $4,748,450 $5,101,628 -$353,178
Tier II $420,997 $453,217 -$32,220
Staff Allotment $50,500 $50,500 $0
  $5,219,947 $5,605,345 -$385,398
Less Available $369,292 $369,292 $0
Less Title XIV $248,624 $248,624 $0
Total Foundation School Fund $4,602,031 $4,987,429 -$385,398
Available School Fund $154,614 $154,614 $0
Tech $40,429 $42,456 -$2,027
EDA $13,190 $51,242 -$38,052
Title XIV $463,302 $463,302 $0
Total State Aid $5,273,566 $5,699,043 -$425,477

Update on Baseball and Congratulations to Ethan Grimes

by Coy Holcombe.  

The Eustace Bulldogs varsity baseball team tied for first place with Canton and Wills Point. Each team will be declared co-champions in the district. There will be a two day tournament to decide seeding order for post-district play. This Friday, Eustace will play Wills Point at 6:30 in Canton. Canton received the bye. The winner of the Eustace – Wills Point game will play Canton at 4:00 on Saturday. That game has been tentatively set for Wills Point.

The winner of the game on Saturday will go into the playoffs as the number one seed, the loser of the Saturday game will be the number two seed and the loser of the Friday game will be the number three seed.

From Zach Tappan and Theresa Tindel:

This past Friday evening Ethan Grimes took part in yet another calf scramble in hopes of winning $500 to aid in the purchase of a registered show heifer. He was fast enough, to catch a calf (the smallest one there) and wrangle it to the ground, put a halter on it, and lead it into the middle of the Henderson County Fairpark Complex. When awarded his certificate we were pleasantly surprised to hear the news that the amount award had been doubled!!!!!! Ethan received $1000 to help him purchase his project for next year. Please take time to congratulate him. Thank you for all of your support!!!


Baseball and TAKS Pep Rally

by Coy Holcombe.  

Congratulations to the varsity baseball team on a convincing win against Van yesterday! The Bulldogs came out on top 13-4. The win should ensure the Bulldogs at least a tie for the district championship.

Yesterday the Intermediate and Middle School had a TAKS pep rally. The teachers from both campuses performed in various routines, the Middle School cheerleaders led TAKS cheers, and the High School band also performed. A special thanks to all those that worked to plan this event: Karyn Mullen, Robert Reeve, Kim Purselley, and Debbie Dominguez.  Grades 3-11 will be participating in TAKS testing this week. Not all grades will test every day. Good luck to everyone! Below is a picture from the pep rally of Middle School and Intermediate teachers doing the chicken dance:

Baseball, Weather, and This Week

by Coy Holcombe.  

The baseball game against Van was postponed until today.The game will start at 4:00 PM in Van. The 4:00 PM start is due to TAKS testing that starts tomorrow.

Although we have several broken limbs in the park area and trash cans blown around, it appears that EISD came through the storm without any other damage.

This Week

Monday – Primary Awards Assembly; Baseball at Van – 4:00 PM

Tuesday – TAKS Testing

Wednesday – TAKS Testing; K – TPRI Testing

Thursday – TAKS Testing; K – Family Reading Night

Friday – TAKS Testing; Intermediate – 6 Weeks Drawings/Money-Aire; Third Grade Field Trip; EC Field Trip

Intermediate Music Program and Regional Qualifiers Meet

by Coy Holcombe.  

Congratulations to the Intermediate School on their great performance last night! There was a great crowd to see the and hear the students sing about the history of rock and roll. Special thanks to Cathy Clardy, music teacher, for all her work in preparing the students for this performance. Also, thanks to all the parents and friends that came out to watch this great performance.



Regional Qualifiers Meet

EISD hosted our annual regional qualifiers meet last night. We had 43 schools and 600 athletes competing in the meet, A special thanks goes out to all the coaches, the technology department, and the maintenance department for their help in preparing, organizing, and running off this meet. Below is a list of regional qualifiers from Eustace that competed in the qualifiers meet and that will be competing in the regional meet in Commerce May 3 and 4:



Allie Cass

Jenny McConathy

Vanessa Lopez

Tori Bynum

Mallory Keeling

Catania Grant

Kacie Richards

Megan Renteria

Tori Aiken















Top Student Strikes Gold

by Stan Sowers.  


Senior Jesse Contreras has been named a Gates Millenium Scholar! He will receive a scholarship that will cover his entire educational costs at the University of Texas at Austin. Jesse was one of 1,000 students, out of 20,000 applicants,selected across the nation for this prestigious and lucrative award.  This is a renewable scholarship that will include funding through the doctorate level.  Mr. Contreras does plan on being Dr. Contreras in the not so distant future. 
Bulldog Proud

Baseball Posts Big Win and Board Meeting Last Night

by Coy Holcombe.  

Baseball posted a big win last night against Wills Point, 5-1. Congratulations to Coach Powers and all the players. Now the focus turns to Friday and the game against Van. The game will be in Van and will start at 6:30.

The EISD Board of Trustees met in regular session last night. During the meeting, the trustees heard several reports (see yesterday’s post for a complete list) and took action on the following items:

  • Approved certification of unopposed candidates for school board election.
  • Approved the order canceling the school board election
  • Approved nominating Coy Holcombe for the Region 7 Executive Committee and approved certifying superintendent as representative to Regional Advisory Committee for ESC 7
  • Accepted resignations from Kelly Booth and Ronald Brewer
  • Approved the recommendations for Auxiliary Directors and paraprofessionals as presented.
  • Approved four student transfer requests
  • Adjourned

Board Meeting Tonight and BB and SB Here

by Coy Holcombe.  

Tonight, the EISD Board of Trustees will meet in regular session. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM and be held in the HS library. The following is a summary of the agenda items for tonight’s meeting:

  • Approve minutes from previous meeting
  • Hear and consider financial reports
  • Hear the following general reports
    • PaySchools Report
    • Wealth per ADA 2006 – 2009
    • Texas Steps Up!
    • Region 7 Board of Directors Election – Uncontested
    • 2009 Van Zandt County Financial Audit
    • Optional Flexible Year Program – 2010 – 2011
    • Rene Bates Auctioneers
    • Survey of Financial Management System
    • Update on Summer Food Program
    • Special Education Percentages Report
    • Mathematics Instructional Coaches Pilot Program
    • UIL Realignment Update
    • NSLP Equipment Assistance Grant
  • Committee Reports
    • DEIC
    • School Health Advisory Committee
  • Consider Certification of Unopposed Candidates for School Board Election
  • Consider Order of Cancellation for School Board Election
  • Consider Nominee for Executive Committee and Certify Superintendent as Representative to Regional Advisory Committee for ESC 7
  • Update on Enrollment
  • Consider Action on Closed Session Items

Also, a reminder that our baseball and softball teams will be playing against Wills Point this evening. The softball game starts at 6:00 and the baseball game starts at 6:30. Both games will be played in Eustace.

Congratulations To James Hampton and This Week

by Coy Holcombe.  

EHS STUDENT SELECTED FOR Glee Casting Call Contest!


OUT OF 20,000 entries received, EHS Student JAMES HAMPTON was 1 of only 100 entries selected to audition in front of a panel of judges from FOX 4 KDFW Television and 99.5 "The Wolf" at Grapevine Mills Mall for FOX’s new television show "Glee!". The audition took place this last Saturday. Way to go JAMES!!!!!

Thanks to Tammy Beatty, HS drama teacher, for furnishing this information.


This Week:

Monday – Start of the 6th 6 Weeks; Kindergarten field trip

Tuesday – Softball and baseball vs. Wills Point – SB – 6:00, BB – 6:30; Board Meeting – 7:00 PM HS Library;

Wednesday – Administrative Professionals Day;

Thursday – Report Cards; IS Music Program; Regional Qualifiers Track Meet – Eustace

Friday – 2nd Grade Science Fair; Baseball at Van – 6:30

Saturday – Regional UIL Academics Meet