Program Budget Committee

by Coy Holcombe.  

Over the past several months, a committee made up of staff members from each campus and directors of all locally funded programs have been working on budget recommendations for the 2010-2011 school year. With an enrollment that is less than previous years, it has been clear that cutbacks were going to be needed to balance the budget for next year. This committee has put in many hours examining every aspect of the budget, talking with other staff members,  and making recommendations.

Certainly, making recommendations to reduce spending is never an easy task; however, the committee members did an excellent job in this area . We are about 75% done at this point. Through the efforts of the committee we were able to overcome the deficit that we were facing. I want to thank everyone has participated in this process. Your work is making a difference.

Committee Members:

High School – Chuck Powers, Kathleen Krumm, Theresa Tindel, and Stan Sowers

Middle School – Dale Burk, Clay Tracy, Michelle Swan, and Karyn Mullen

Intermediate School – Jackie Rowley, Sandra Hagood, Julie Gray, and Robert Reeve

Primary School – Deanna Haynes, Debbie McConathy, Sherri Purselley, and Dianne Shaffer

Directors – Doug Wendel, Todd Felty, Jack Wallace, Henry Carter, and Gene Myers

Central Office – Janice Beasely


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