Statewide TAKS Results for 5th and 8th

by Coy Holcombe.  

Yesterday, TEA released the statewide TAKS results for the first administration of reading and math. Overall, 91% of the 8th graders passed the reading portion of the test and 80 percent passed the math portion. EISD was above the state average in both reading and math with 97% of EISD 8th graders passing the reading test and 91% of EISD 8th graders passing the math test. TEA also reported that 46% of 8th graders statewide received "Commended Performance" on TAKS reading and 23% received "Commended Performance" on the math test. Locally, we had 54% of our 8th grade students receive  "Commended Performance" on the reading test and 23% of our students received "Commended Performance on the  math test.

At 5th grade, 85% of the students statewide passed the reading test and 86% passed the math test. We had 86% of EISD 5th graders pass both the reading test and the math test. TEA reported that statewide 33% of 5th graders received "Commended Performance" on the reading test, while 42% received "Commended Performance" on the math potion of the test. EISD had 33% of students receive "Commended Performance" on both the reading test and the math test.

More information about TAKS will be passed along when available.  

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