National Honor Society Banquet

by Coy Holcombe.  

The annual National Honor Society (NHS) Banquet was held last night at the Athens Country Club. During the banquet, new NHS members were inducted, juniors received their NHS patches, and seniors received their NHS collars to be worn during graduation.

Seniors receiving NHS collars:

Nicole Ballenger
Kim Bennett
Zach Bennett
Victoria Bynum
Jesse Contreras
Jacob Felty
Joshua Felty
Lillian Foster
Lynde Frazier
Ariel Gilbert
Hubert Lowry
Julia Lucas
Jenny McConathy
Andrea Plunk
Erica Sanchez
Taylor Snow

Juniors receiving NHS patches:

Caden Anthony
Amalie Arambula
Owen Babcock
Taylor Brown
Allie Cass
Ashley Cravey
Samantha Iiams
Vanessa Lopez
Imelda Maltos
Mallory Mobly
Nancy Murff
Alex Pharmakis
Colton Ryals
Bradley Sawicki
Shelley Temple
Sophomores inducted into NHS:
Allison Bradbury
Amber Cowan
Ashley Crow
Timothy Gassman
Amber Henderson
Cassandra Hubbell
Benjamin Huddleston
Jacob Johnson
Cody Marple
Lauren McKenzie
Halie Northcutt
Taylor Patrick
Megan Renteria
Randal Roberts
Jasmine Sanchez
Shelby Stegent
Michael Yates
Kara Zimmerer
Special thanks to the NHS sponsor Diane Chambers for her work with the NHS throughout the year and for her work in planning the banquet.  Also a special thank you goes to the NHS Faculty Council: Phyllis Bice, Jeff Brown, Lisa Bynum, Vikki Godair, Gwen Orr, Chuck Powers, and Mandy Rolison.
I also want to thank all the parents, relatives, and friends that attended last night’s banquet. Your support is greatly appreciated.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

End of Course Tests

by Coy Holcombe.  

Some students have been participating in end of course tests this week. EISD, along with numerous other districts, was chosen to participate in certain end of course tests. This mandatory participation serves a couple of purposes: first, it allows field testing of questions. Field testing allows the test writers to determine if there are problems with particular questions. For example, if there is a very high rate of incorrect answers on a particular question, the test writers can look at  that question and determine if there was a problem with the wording of the question.

Second, some of the field tests have been on-line tests. These tests are taken via computer. The state is experimenting with this form of testing as a both a cost saving alternative and a way for results, in some cases, to be available much faster than with traditional pencil and paper tests. However, as with anything that involves technology, there are going to be issues. In our experience this week, we found that some of the technology issues were at EISD and others were at the testing center.

When this year’s seventh graders get to high school, they will be the first class to start end of course testing instead of TAKS testing. They will be required to pass a certain number of end of course tests, with a minimum score, in order to be eligible to graduate. The end of course tests will also count as a percentage of the overall grade that a student receives in a class. It is the goal that all core subject classes will have end of course tests.

As we progress from TAKS to end of course tests, we will certainly be communicating with parents on the new requirements and the new formats associated with these tests.


Benefits this Saturday and FFA Officers for 10-11

by Coy Holcombe.  

This Saturday, May 15, the 4th annual fish fry benefiting the East Texas Crisis Center will be held in Athens. The fish fry will be held at the Texas Freshwater Fishery Conservation Center from 4:00 PM -7:00 PM. Adult tickets are $10.00 and children 10 and under ar $5.00. A flier with more information is attached to this entry.

Also on Saturday, there will be a benefit barbeque and auction for the Howards to help with medical bills. This benefit will start at 11:00 AM and go through 8:00 PM. Donations will be accepted as costs. There is also a flier attached to this entry about this benefit.

So, you can come out and enjoy barbeque for lunch and support the Howards and then head to Athens for a fish fry in the evening to support the East Texas Crisis Center. Your support for these events would be greatly appreciated.

Yesterday, I neglected to mention the FFA officers for next year. Serving as officers for the 2010-2011 school year will be:

President – Mallory Mobley
Vice President – Ethan Grimes
Secretary – Brady Tindel
Treasurer – Halie Northcutt
Reporter – Shelby Stegent
Sentinel – Cory Whatley
Advisor – Austin Pogue
Congratulations to each of these officers!



FFA Awards

by Coy Holcombe.  

I want to congratulate the FFA department on a great year! Last night, they held their annual awards program in the HS auditorium. Each member was recognized for their accomplishments this year. In addition, special awards were given to several members with outstanding accomplishments. Finally, the new officers for the 2010-2011 school year were installed.

The overall accomplishments of the FFA program are too numerous to list in one entry. I encourage you to look at some of my past entries to get an idea of how successful this program has been this year.

I want to thank Zach Tappan and Theresa Tindel, our FFA sponsors, for all the hours they put in making this program the best in the area. A special thanks also goes out to all the officers and members of the FFA for their hard work, dedication, and accomplishments. Finally, a special recognition goes to all the parents, relatives, friends, and supporters of the FFA. 


Baseball and This Week

by Coy Holcombe.  

I want to congratulate the Bulldog baseball team on a great season. The Bulldogs fell in bi-district to Famersville this weekend 2 games to 1. The Bulldogs were district co-champions this year.

This Week:

Monday – 4th Grade Field Day; FFA Awards Program – 6:30 HS Auditorium

Tuesday – Libraries close; Intermediate Select Choir Competition; AP Environmental Science Exam – HS

Wednesday – 2nd Grade TPRI Testing; AP Language Exam – HS; 4th Grade Field Trip

Thursday – U. S. Mint Trip – IS; NHS Banquet – 7:00 PM – Athens Country Club

Friday – 100 Point AR Trip – IS; Art Show – MS; Talent Show – HS


Employee Appreciation Banquet

by Coy Holcombe.  

Last night, the employees of EISD gathered together for the annual Employee Appreciation Banquet. The banquet was held at the First Baptist Church in Eustace and was catered by Danny’s Bar-B-Que of Athens. At the banquet, several employees were recognized for their years of service to EISD. Below are the employees that received service pins last night:

5 Years
10 years
15 Years
Peggy Andrews
Jeff Brown
Kathy Clardy
Deanna Bodine
Kathleen Buie
Tami Daily
Kelly Booth
Shannon Davidson
Lanette Upchurch
Florence Ferrell
J. Todd Felty
Laylawnie James   Twyla Felty    
Sylvia Lopez   Julie Gray    
Kim McClaskey   Pam Martin    
Lisa Roberts   Janis Rediker    
Kara Weaver   Markie Saye    
    Ranee Snow    
    Michelle Swan    
    Mandie Weber    
20 Years   25 Years   30 Years
Wanda Andrews   Jan Walker   Jodi Horton
Dena Bonner        
Bobbie Howard        


Two employees received special honors last night: Gary Bentley and Bobbie Howard. These two employees will be retiring at the end of the 2009-2010 school year. Mr. Bentley served the students and community of Eustace for 29 years. Mrs. Howard had a total of 20 years of service to EISD. I want to thank both of these employees for their dedication and devotion to the students, staff, and community of Eustace.

The School Bell Award was also presented last night. The School Bell Award goes to a community member that has provided outstanding service to the school district. The recipient of the 2009-2010 School Bell Award was Rusty Pharmakis. I want to thank Mr. Pharmakis for his service to EISD throughout the 09-10 school year. Mr. Pharmakis has been instrumental in work that has been done at the Primary courtyard. He has also served as an officer of the Band Boosters this year.

Finally, I want to thank Jake Lucas for sharing her letter with all the employees last night.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Congratulations to Regional Track Participants

by Coy Holcombe.  

I want to congratulate all the athletes that competed in the regional track meet. While we did not have anyone advance to the state meet, we did have several students meet or exceed their personal records and in the process set new school records in events.

Also, a reminder that the Bulldog baseball team will be playing for the bi-district championship this weekend against Famersville. The Bulldogs will be playing two games tomorrow in the best of three series. A third game, if needed, will be played on Saturday. The games on Friday will be played at Tillery Field in Mesquite. The starting time for the first game will be 5:00 PM. The second game will start 30 minutes after the conclusion of the first game.


Preliminary Taxable Values

by Coy Holcombe.  

We have received our preliminary taxable values for 2010. Below are the values for Van Zandt County, Henderson County, and totals:

Van Zandt Total Taxable Value – $2,801,418

Henderson Total Taxable Value – $509,868,618

Total Taxable Value – $512,670,036

While these are only preliminary values, these values will give us an idea for a planning amount for our budget.

 The preliminary values from Van Zandt County are down slightly from last year. The values from Henderson County are up  from last year.

Van Zandt County Preliminary 2009 – $3,028,202

Henderson County Preliminary 2009 – $498,984,851

Statewide TAKS Results for 5th and 8th

by Coy Holcombe.  

Yesterday, TEA released the statewide TAKS results for the first administration of reading and math. Overall, 91% of the 8th graders passed the reading portion of the test and 80 percent passed the math portion. EISD was above the state average in both reading and math with 97% of EISD 8th graders passing the reading test and 91% of EISD 8th graders passing the math test. TEA also reported that 46% of 8th graders statewide received "Commended Performance" on TAKS reading and 23% received "Commended Performance" on the math test. Locally, we had 54% of our 8th grade students receive  "Commended Performance" on the reading test and 23% of our students received "Commended Performance on the  math test.

At 5th grade, 85% of the students statewide passed the reading test and 86% passed the math test. We had 86% of EISD 5th graders pass both the reading test and the math test. TEA reported that statewide 33% of 5th graders received "Commended Performance" on the reading test, while 42% received "Commended Performance" on the math potion of the test. EISD had 33% of students receive "Commended Performance" on both the reading test and the math test.

More information about TAKS will be passed along when available.  

This Week

by Coy Holcombe.  

As of this writing, I have not heard on the status of our baseball playoff game. When I receive details, I will post those on the district’s Twitter account that appears on our homepage.

This week’s activities:

This is Teacher Appreciation Week.

Monday – Regional Track Meet – Commerce; District FFA Convention; Spring Bulldog Pride Trip

Tuesday – Regional Track Meet – Commerce; EC Dad’s Day; Spring Band Concert – 7:00 – HS Auditorium; 5th Grade Orientation – MS

Wednesday – 1st Grade TPRI Testing; Yo-Yo Assembly – IS; 3rd Grade Field Day; Bulldog Pride Elite – HS

Thursday – AP Literary Exam – HS; State UIL Literary; 5th Grade Rendezvous Trip; 

Friday – Last Day for AR – PS & IS; Math Blast – PS; 5th Grade Field Day; AP US History Exam – HS

I hope everyone has a great week!