Federal Funds Process

by Coy Holcombe.  

From our past discussions on school finance, we know that Eustace ISD basically receives funding from three sources: local taxes, state funds, and federal funds. We have discussed, and will continue to discuss, local and state funding in detail. We have had some discussion of federal funding, but not quite as extensive as local and state funding. Today, I want to talk about the process of applying for the major federal funding that EISD receives.

EISD receives (without taking into account and stimulus funds) two major funding sources from the federal government: Title I, Part A and Title II, Part A. In the past we have also received small amounts from other federal Title programs. However, for the 2010-2011 school year, those funds have been eliminated. 

We receive the majority of our federal money from Title I, Part A. For the 2010-2011 school year, we are scheduled to receive about $256,000 in Title I, Part A funds. The vast majority of this money will be spent on teacher salaries. We will spend a small portion of this money on professional development and testing materials. EISD also receives about $69,000 in Title II, Part A funds. Again, the vast majority of these funds are spend on teacher salaries. A small portion is spend on professional development. 

Before the advent of the Internet, districts had to apply for these funds by completing a application that was mailed to TEA. Now, the application is done electronically. Through a system called eGrants, districts complete and submit the application via the Internet. The application for our Title I and Title II funds is 38 pages long. On these pages, we have to describe how we are using the funds, how we involved parents, community members, and staff members in the plan for these funds, provide a budget summary of expected uses for these funds, and provide assurances that these funds will be used as intended. 

Once the application is completed, it is submitted to TEA where it is reviewed. Often we go into "negotiations" with a federal funds specialist from TEA. These negotiations are used to point out any potential discrepancies found in the application and to make sure that it is clear on how these funds will be used. Once the negotiations are complete, the application is accepted by TEA. 

To utilize the funds, the district has to make electronic requests to TEA. TEA reviews these requests, and if everything is in order, issues the funds to the district. If you have any questions regarding the federal funds that EISD receives, please do not hesitate to contact me at cholcombe@eustaceisd.net.


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