New Cafeteria Software

by Coy Holcombe.  

During the June Board Meeting, EISD Trustees voted to update the software that is used in our cafeterias. The current software is now several years old and is out dated. Only through the efforts of Robert Cook in our technology department have we been able to get by with using this software as long as we have.

The new software is from MCS Software out of Mandeville, Louisiana. It will offer parents options that just were not available with our old software. Parents will be able to utilize an electronic payment system (much like PaySchools) that will automatically update the account balance for students. Our old software was not capable of this automatic processing. With our old software, parents had to submit an order to PaySchools, PaySchools sent an email to me about the order, I forwarded the email to the appropriate campus, and then the cafeteria managers entered the amount in the system. The new software will automatically credit the appropriate account with the amount of the order.

Parents will not only be able to check balances on line, they will be able to see exactly what their children are eating in the cafeterias. While parents could check the balance in their accounts through our website, this again was the result of Robert Cook devising a program that actually made this possible. Our cafeteria managers had to export information each day in order for this to work correctly. Now, with our new program, all this will be handled within the program itself.

Parents will also be able to receive email reminders and notifications of low balance. These features will allow parents to monitor their children’s account without having to log in each day to do so.

The above points are improvements for parents and students. The new software also provides an upgrade for our food service program in terms of reports and record keeping. All in all, I believe that parents will be pleased with the new features available with the new software and I believe that the district will benefit from better reports and record keeping. More information about the online payment system will be provided in August.

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