UIL Update

by Coy Holcombe.  

 At the TASA Summer Conference, I also had an opportunity to hear an update from the UIL. Dr. Charles Breithaupt, Executive Director, and Mark Cousins, Policy Director, made the presentation. Below is a summary of their topics:

  • 1A and 2A schools will advance three teams to the playoffs in football. The district champion will have a bye in the first round.
  • 2010-2011 Rule Changes
    • Allow a school or a school district to designate start and end dates for summer strength and conditioning in grades 7-12 not to exceed a six-week period during the summer.
    • Require all coaches to complete an UIL Rules Compliance Program as a replacement for the COPE program.
    • Allow the selection of one additional individual and/or relay team in each event to advance from the regional meet to state.
  • Sports Officials
    • Litigation against UIL from the sports officials continue.
    • There has been a temporary restraining order issued against sports officials registering with the UIL.
    • UIL plan for sports officials included having them pass an open book rules test with at least a 70 to officiate, having playoff officials score at least an 80 on the exam, and to require background checks on all officials.
  • Reclassification and Realignment – an Ad Hoc Committee was formed to examine the following:
    • Enrollment Figures – how should schools count their enrollment for reclassification purposes?
    • Conferences – How many should there be?
    • Secrecy – Can UIL be more open about the reclassification and realignment issue?
    • Split Conferences – Should these continue?
    • Playoff Teams – How many should advance?
    • Soccer – Is 3A ready for soccer? Currently there are 90 3A districts playing soccer.
  • Legislature – Topics that the UIL thinks that the legislature will look at when it convenes in January
    • Budget Concerns
    • Eligibility Rules
    • Health and Safety

If you would like to learn more about the UIL, I encourage you to visit their website: http://www.uil.utexas.edu/ 






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