Reasoning Mind

by Coy Holcombe.  

We have talked before about the new math program EISD is using in the 5thand 6thgrades called Reasoning Mind. The program utilizes a combination of computer based instruction and small group instruction. Reasoning Mind also individualizes instruction based on the achievement level of the student. It is entirely possible that each student in a class could be working on something different. This is made possible by the computer based aspect of the program.

Reasoning Mind is different from other computer based programs. It is not a program that just gives a series of multiple choice questions to students. Instead, it works to develop the theory behind the math. Students are required to keep a notebook that contains information about this theory, solutions to problems, vocabulary, and other details.

The idea is that students will not only learn enough math to pass TAKS, they will learn enough math to score at the “Commended Performance” level on TAKS. To receive “Commended Performance”, students can only miss a few problems (usually around three or fewer).  EISD decided that it is not enough for our students to pass TAKS, our students needed to be achieving at the “Commended Performance” level. This is one of the main reasons that we went with the Reasoning Mind program.

Teachers are reporting positive results in terms of student engagement and work habits with Reasoning Mind. One of the major changes that had to be implemented with Reasoning Mind is that our math time had to be increased to at least 70 minutes. This resulted in the time for other core subjects being increased as well.

Students may also access Reasoning Mind at home. Since it is an Internet based program, it is not restricted to just computers at school. Students are encouraged to utilize this program whenever possible. If you ever have any questions about Reasoning Mind, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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